Religious extremism in the US replaces the 7 Deadly Sins with Abortion

The 7 deadly sins are wrath, gluttony (which includes drinking in excess), greed, pride, sloth, envy, and lust. These sins are believed to be the root of evil leading to other sins.

I’ve been pretty verbal about my complete abhorrent reaction to the extremists on the religious right using vote for Trump and against abortion or you’re going to hell as one of their foremost campaign platforms. Catholics teach the 7 deadly sins whereas Protestants usually do not. Protestants teach that all sin is sin. They don’t distinguish any difference in any type of sin. It’s all sin and all is forgiven through Christ. Rejecting Christ is the only unforgivable sin.

Catholics are correct. The 7 deadly sins absolutely lead to every other sin most people can think to commit. Without addressing the root of any problem, we can never eliminate or change the result. People commit adultery due to lust and coveting someone else’s husband or wife. People steal due to envy. People lie from pride. People drive drunk because of gluttony.

I am not here to argue pro choice or pro life. I am here to end the useless pursuit of blaming the fall from God in America on abortion and lying all blame on women. It’s ridiculous and not what the Bible teaches. Abortion has existed since babies have existed. The only difference is that it is now a medically safe practice. It’s also expensive and takes both an emotional and physical toll on the body. It’s not something most women would go out and seek as an outcome. Are the number of abortions performed in the US astronomical? I think so. Will making them illegal stop them from happening? No, it won’t. It might reduce the number but I don’t even believe it would be a substantial reduction. Why? Because the religious right is not willing to recognize the 7 deadly sins or put in their terms, the actual sins that resulted in abortion. It is much easier to manipulate religion to get votes by selling the idea that it is abortion that has caused the US to fall away from God. It’s not. It’s the sins that lead to the circumstances surrounding the decision for an abortion. To look at the root cause, we can’t simply blame women. That’s a problem for religious extremists using religion to keep men in power. Nowhere, even in Protestant teachings, does the Bible hold abortion to be worse than any other sin. To say that women have single handedly driven God from the US is absurd. Look at what caused the pregnancy and why individual women and girl’s are choosing or in some circumstances forced to choose abortion. Yes, if you really want to decrease abortion, you have to be willing to discuss actual facts that involve men. Women don’t get pregnant without men. And “WE” aren’t pregnant as a couple anymore than WE have prostate cancer as a couple. She was changed to we during the politically correct and inclusive culture. Yes, “WE” are pregnant stemmed from that nonsense. Abortion, even if you believe it to be a sin, usually is an outcome of another sin. Sometimes it’s to save the mother’s life or for other reasons such as birth control is not 100 percent unless it’s a hysterectomy or a vasectomy. Sometimes the women is older and becoming pregnant is a serious health issue for both the mother and the baby. The list is long, but the majority of abortions stem directly from the 7 deadly sins. We have to get men to step up to the table and take some responsibility and acknowledge that their behavior is a contributing factor. Religious right extremists are unwilling to take that step. Forget about eliminating or reducing abortions until you’re ready to take that step. It’s not going to happen.

To take this even further into many women’s circumstances, the religious right is unwilling to provide effective laws to protect women and children in instances of rape and incest. Women in many states are not even guaranteed to not have to share custody and visitation with the rapist. 1 in 4 children are raised by single parents most of whom are women. 75 percent of those single parents receive no child support or alimony. The religious right is unwilling to provide medical or financial assistance or enforce child support payments. The religious right is unwilling to make affordable child care available. Their mentality is very much we want to prevent the abortion and then you’re on your own. It’s not our problem. We did our moral duty. Let the child starve and die with no healthcare. Let the mother die or suffer permanent life altering physical injury during child birth. The religious right does not want to fund rape and crises centers or help for women and children in domestic abuse situations. The religious right in most states has a longer jail sentence for the theft of a big screen tv than it does for rape and domestic abuse. From a moral perspective, I don’t believe the religious right have any morals whatsoever in the majority of situations ending in the decision to have an abortion. What they want is a tool to manipulate the religious right voters that won’t cost them a dime. What some of them want is to keep women at home and control them by keeping them pregnant.

Vote for Republicans or go to hell? No, I don’t think Republicans get to decide who is going to heaven and who is not. I have been hearing stories of churches that are splitting due to this insane political platform. Who is destroying religion again? The Democrats? Republicans, you have to stop using this platform before you completely breakdown churches across our country. YOU are causing the destruction of our churches. Do I need to say that again??? I am not telling you to stop trying to end abortions. I am telling you to stop destroying our churches and women and children’s lives over politics. Look honestly at how to reduce and eliminate abortions in a manner that will benefit our society without destroying the lives of pregnant women and girls.


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