Stop poking the bear.

74 million Americans voted for Trump. I am one of them. Most of us voted for Trump in 2016 because we were tired of politically correct speech (censorship), being told by the far left that anyone who disagreed with Obama on any policy was racist, being told if we didn’t vote for Hillary that we were uneducated, misogynist, racists, our government representing only the highly populated democratic held cities, hatred of religion, and our belief in 2A, the electoral college, and the US Constitution. We were fed up with the growing government control and censorship of our everyday lives. We were fed up with a few wealthy elitists controlling everything including the politicians in their pockets. Trump did some very good things during his presidency. The unemployment in black communities was the lowest in US history. He negotiated better trade deals for our country. He permanently funded black universities. Women were employed at a higher rate than men. Those are all good things. Most of the people demonstrating in DC were there for a peaceful demonstration and believe Trump was making progress in many areas in a positive way. What happened at the capital building was disgraceful. There is no excuse.

Now the Democrats are coming after 74 million Trump supporters with their full force of fury and hate. Censor everything. Silence them. Fire them. Clean them out at all costs. Yes, that’s the message and the mission. Why did Trump win in 2016? Why did Trump have 74 million votes in 2020? Because of that in part. Stop poking the bear. It’s only going to make it angrier. We are unfortunately, headed for civil unrest or an all out war if this persists. It’s ridiculous and it needs to end. Nobody wins if this continues.


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