Echo chambers of darkness

Censoring speech creates echo chambers. Echo chambers are nothing but a place for thinking, innovation, and progress to die. Echo chambers are thought and mind control regardless of whom controls the chamber.

We saw the emergence of the echo chamber in the US during Obama’s presidency. Censorship of thought and speech directed at anyone disagreeing with Obama was grounds for being attacked. The news media and internet platforms jumped onto the band wagon. The result was the conservatives formed their own groups and reinforced their thoughts that Obama was the antichrist. The reality is somewhere in between. He did some good things and he did some bad things. Some people did disagree with everything he said or did because he is black. Some people did the opposite because he is black and could do no wrong. Both sides were incorrect. Extremism between the two parties grew exponentially.

During Trump’s presidency, the extremes continued to grow at an even higher rate. The House spent four years doing nothing but trying to attack and impeach Trump. From day one, they never gave him a chance. The Rinos in the Republican Party were no better. Media stopped trying to pretend they weren’t completely biased against Trump and all conservatives. The far right went so extreme that part of their political platform was literally vote for Trump and against abortion or you’re going to hell. Trump supporters rewrote the Bible with only one sin that men can’t even commit. Take control of women and God will return to our country and our savior Trump will bring back God. Insanity everywhere. The echo chambers were complete.

Now we have both extreme sides only listening to their own reinforcements. The answer is dialogue between the two, listening to another person’s perspective and sometimes just saying we have to agree to disagree. Why hate someone because you disagree with their perspective on life? Live and let live. We don’t have to agree, but it’s important to have an understanding and respect of those with differing views. The interesting thing is that I have friends on both ends of the extremist spectrum. Both extremes believe the other extreme is hate filled and wants to remove all of their rights. It’s actually the same rhetoric with different back stories. We are losing all of our rights if the other side wins. And why all of a sudden have we become a country to remove anyone’s rights? We have always been about ensuring and bestowing rights. All of this is nothing more than the elitists yanking everyone’s chains and fighting for their own power and wealth. The American people have been unknowing but very willing pawns.

The media outlets and Democrats launching an ever increasing level of censorship to any idea to which they don’t agree, is going to make this worse. It’s going to backfire very quickly. Who will pay the price? Everyone except the wealthy elite who keep their money overseas and who are running this country.


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