The lies we tell ourselves.

America has never been a peaceful country. We founded our country by fighting a war against England. We fought a civil war over slavery. We had the wild west. We have fought in numerous wars around the globe since we became a nation. We have destabilized foreign governments when we didn’t like how they were ruling their own countries. We had civil unrest and violence on the streets in the 1960s. We had bloodshed during prohibition. We had blood shed from Jim Crowe laws. We murdered native Americans and took their land. We have had riots throughout our country for decades. We have gangs. We have drug runners. We have organized crime. We have forced prostitution and pedophilia. We have bar fights. We watch sporting events and get in street fights afterwards because our team lost. We protest. We demonstrate. We don’t shut up or sit down until we get what we want. We don’t quit. We don’t give up. We fight until the bitter end and then argue about the fight. Peaceful? We can be when we have what we want and are left alone to enjoy it. Otherwise, there’s going to be at the very least a heated argument.

I completely disagree with what happened at the capital building on January 6th, but I’m at a loss as to why anyone is surprised that it happened. Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters demonstrated peacefully. One group, or possibly a mixture of groups, went entirely off the rails. The same can be said of the BLM protests across the country as well. Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated across the country with the BLM peacefully. And then there are the others who do not.

Americans are angry and our politicians on both sides have been completely dysfunctional and unwilling to make compromises that Americans can collectively live with. Biden will hold the coveted office of “Not My President” on January 20th. Trump has promised a peaceful transfer of power. Will our new “Not My President” bring peace and unity to America? Nope. The divide between the extremes on both sides is too wide. He is weak and no more a unifying leader to Americans than Trump was. Trump wasn’t trying to be a unifying leader. He was trying to drain the swamp. Americans are going to continue to fight. Our very constitution allows us to fight for what we believe and to have freedom of speech among other freedoms. I believe in our constitution and our form of government. I believe in Americans as a whole. I believe the bulk of Americans have the same core values. The extremists on both sides do not have the same core values. I believe there is hope.

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