How does it feel? Trump supporters got a rude awakening.

Trump supporters are angry because they’re saying Antifa caused the vandalism at the Capital in DC. They say they’re being judged unfairly. Well, there have been thousands of people who peacefully demonstrated and protested with the BLM then went home before dark doing no rioting or looting.

Trump supporters are mad because they say there was voter fraud. Democrats don’t believe you.

A lot of people marched with BLM because they believe racism still exists. I do personally know some of them. Trump supporters have been all over saying there is no racism in America. It doesn’t exist.

How does it feel? No, seriously. How does it feel? Do you see what you have dished out to minorities for months? Are you mad? Do you think you have a right to be mad?

Biden got more votes than Trump supporters are willing to admit.

I don’t agree with rioting and looting but saying there is no racism is the dumbest dam thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Accusing every person demonstrating and protesting with the BLM as being Marxist terrorists is also ridiculous. Tearing signs down from black churches and burning them? I don’t even know where to begin. I almost voted for Biden myself because of the absolute hate emanating from some of Trump’s minions. If you honestly think racism doesn’t exist, I don’t even know what to say to you except you’re a complete idiot.

Biden is our next president. God is very much in control. Why do you think it is that Biden is taking office? Oh that’s right, because abortion still exists and is the only sin there is. Amazing how the only existing sin in your minds is one that men cannot commit. How very convenient. Maybe both sides have some lessons to learn. Maybe the Bible doesn’t say there is only one sin. Maybe the Bible doesn’t even rank sin but considers all sin to be sin. Maybe the Bible doesn’t say only Republicans can get into heaven. Maybe your message wasn’t what you thought it was, but was in fact not very good.


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