“Not My President” The most important office in the US.

From the first day of Trump’s election, the Democrats declared him as “Not my President”. Then Democrats spent four years doing absolutely nothing except trying to impeach him or find another way to remove him from office. Biden is soon to hold the office of “Not My President”, unless of course a miracle happens. After 8 years of being unable to disagree with any policy or statement Obama made without being called racist, we had four years of “Not My President”. Why would any Trump supporter or patriot ever call Biden anything other than “Not My President”? No, patriots are not going to passively calm down and support Biden. It will never happen. Why would anyone expect it to happen? Biden isn’t going to be able to unite our country. Biden isn’t going to be able to hold other world powers in check. Biden is weak. He only knows how to give people money to pacify them. He literally bought, or tried to buy the Georgia elections by promising immediate $2000 payments to the American people if the Democrats won those two races. Hopefully, we will have results soon on those two races. I said on my FB page when Mitch and the Republicans refused to make direct payments larger, they just lost the Georgia senate races and the US Senate majority. It was a no brainer. The Republican Party left that door wide open for Biden. Of course he walked through it. He would have been a fool not to do so. Trump was for the larger payment as well. Many Americans desperately need that money. Mitch and his crony Rinos have killed our country as effectively as the far left. I am angrier at the Rino Republican leaders than I am at any on the far left. They have had numerous opportunities to take care of the American people but have refused to do so. Biden is nothing more than a figurehead and someone’s puppet. The US is about out of money. Patriots understand the billionaires holding the wealth and power do not keep their money in US bank accounts or even all in US currency. Patriots are not interested in burning our constitution. Patriots aren’t interested in detention camps. Patriots aren’t interested in shipping our money to foreign countries. I believe Patriots are done being passive. That time is over. The next four years are going to be extremely ugly and violent. I look for Pelosi to get Biden removed from the office of “Not My President” quickly and place Harris as the next “Not My President”.


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