Ronaviravich and her dog Whackadoo

As snow steadily fell on the Colorado mountains blanketing the world in beauty, Ronaviravich sat inside of her cave bored out of her mind. She had already banished her evil cursed bat WuWu to Wuhan. She needed companionship. A dog. Rona decided she needed a loyal and obedient dog. Rona cast a fetching spell to bring a dog to her cave. Then she took a nap while awaiting on her spell to work.

A few short hours later, she was awakened by a furry mutt licking her face. Their bond was immediate and eternal. Her name was Whackadoo. She was a lover and bringer of chaos, conspiracy, and all things divisive.

Rona and Whackadoo quickly embarked upon their grand disinformation scheme. They spent days turning over every rock and peering inside every cranny to discover all possible means of spreading chaos and division. No wild story or unfounded conspiracy was discarded. They intended to use them all. They served the God of Anarchy. Quickly, they discovered everything they needed could be found on CNN, FOX, FB, Twitter and YouTube. QAnon immediately annoyed Wackadoo. Q had too many followers and too many wild conspiracies. Wackadoo saw Q as an adversary and competitor. Fortunately, Wackadoo had known Q’s pet miniature poodle, QTip, for years. In exchange for a trip to the salon and a private villa in the Swiss Alps, QTip assassinated Q. Wackadoo has been the real Q for many months.

As 2021 kicks off, Wackadoo (otherwise known as Q) and Ronaviravich, sit beside their fire drinking whiskey and pondering whether or not Wackadoo should take up residence inside the White House as the next first dog.

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