Government funding request for development and implementation of underwater fish marking paint gun for the Gulf of Mexico

I am submitting a request for a government grant and funding for the development and implementation of an underwater fish marking paint gun. It will be used to mark the fish that have been counted by the US government in their newly funded Gulf of Mexico fish counting program. The new paint gun will use non toxic green paint which will prove harmful and possibly deadly to all marine life in the Gulf of Mexico (as with all non toxic government approved products). The total estimated cost is $1.9 trillion and includes research, manufacturing, implementation as well as post project toxic clean-up including the reintroduction of marine species into their new environment. I believe it will prove a cost savings to include post project toxic clean-up within the initial proposal. The initially purchased yachts can and will be utilized in the clean-up efforts. This in itself will save several million dollars. Also, utilizing the same employees (friends and relatives), will prove efficient as they will have complete knowledge of the areas in which toxins were introduced. The non profit organization which has been set up to lead this venture is Toxic Gulf Shellco LLC. All funding can be paid directly into their account on the Cayman Islands. A complete breakdown of all costs and expenditures will follow.


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