Fidel Alejandro Castro visits Ronaviravich

Upon the death of Fidel Alejandro Castro, he did not go to the fiery pits of hell. Instead, Alejandro paid Ronaviravich and WuWu a visit.

On November 25th, 2016, Alejandro (as he preferred to be called), floated above his body. What to do? He could hear Lucifer calling him home, but his work on Earth wasn’t completed. As all wayward sons do, Alejandro flipped Lucifer the bird and headed to the Colorado mountains in search of Ronaviravich’s cave.

On November 25th, 2016, Rona, weary from casting ballots in the 2016 election for the US Government, choked on a tea leaf. After WuWu saved her life, he went flying around the mountains for weeks leading Alejandro astray. WuWu led Alejandro through endless clouds of pot keeping him too high to remember or care where he was headed. Eventually, Alejandro floated near Rona’s cave entrance during a lucid moment. Rona was ready for him and invited him inside.

Alejandro, being a Marxist, Nationalist, communist dictator, was deeply concerned about the fate of the world and globalism. Alejandro did not approve of a one world government. He pled his case before Rona begging her assistance in his grand scheme. Ronaviravich, being an ancient gypsy who had travelled throughout the world over the centuries, had lived through and witnessed nearly every type of government and conniving self serving scheme anyone had ever fabricated. In short, she already knew this song and dance. So she sat and listened then sent him on his way.

An extremely frustrated Alejandro, returned to the pot clouds hanging over the Colorado mountains, where he will remain until the world burns, the globalists win, or he can inhabit an incoming US dictator’s body. Frankly, he doesn’t care which happens as long as the pot is of medicinal quality, legal, and in abundance.


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