Counting fish in the Gulf of Mexico

Our government just funded counting fish in the Gulf of Mexico while denying our taxpayer’s the return of their money in order to feed their families and stay afloat. They did this under the grounds that we cannot afford to return taxpayer’s money to the taxpayers.

The Gulf of Mexico is quite nice this time of year. How do we apply? I am sure there are plenty of unemployed, underemployed, or simply irritated Americans who would also like to hear more specifics on this job vacancy. Do we repeatedly call our representative’s office requesting a job application as well as specific details? Do we email and send job letter inquiries via the US Post Office? Do we visit the office and homes of our representatives peacefully in large numbers? What is this new job? What is the salary? Does it include benefits? Are you paying for job relocation? How many people are being employed as fish counters? What are the required job skills? Please, tell us more of this great opportunity with which we may be able to feed our families and pay our bills. Share your great benevolent wisdom with the peasants so that we can continue to bestow our tax money and income for life upon our great royalty who sit in the castle in DC. No, really, tell us more about counting fish in the Gulf of Mexico. I think we need some justification for how you are spending our tax dollars. You aren’t royalty. DC isn’t your castle. You are supposed to work for and represent the American people. Clearly, you have forgotten your own job responsibilities.


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