The story of Ronaviravich’s cursed bat WuWu

My previous post Communing with the dead: Dominion Voting System and the US Mail provides the story of Ronaviravich. This is the story of her bat, WuWu, upon whom she laid a terrible curse.

WuWu was Rona’s favorite bat from the day he was born. She spoiled him horribly and favored him above all others. Eventually, WuWu became possessive of Rona and began poisoning any other bat on whom she bestowed her love.

In the summer of 2019, Ronaviravich laid a curse upon WuWu that made all of her gypsy ancestors proud. She then banished evil little WuWu to Wuhan, China.

WuWu flew by night from their secret cave in the Colorado mountains to Harvard. While hiding in a belfry in Harvard, WuWu spied the Harvard biochemist, who was later arrested, and his three Chinese lab students from Wuhan. WuWu hitched a ride to Wuhan, China, with the third Chinese student who escaped arrest. WuWu was hidden inside one of the vials. Upon arrival at the lab in Wuhan, China, WuWu escaped the lab. WuWu spread what we now call Covid-19 throughout Wuhan, China and later the world. WuWu is still alive hiding alone in a cave somewhere in China. He cannot be around anyone or any animal without causing sickness or death. Such was Ronaviravich’s curse.


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