“Swamp Gas” in DC: Alien Lizard People

Although many stories exist regarding the origin of the real men in black, the truth has not been disclosed until now.

Back in the 1950’s, a group of young Amish men absconded a horse and buggy and took off to see America on their own. As they stopped to camp for the evening near Roswell, NM, in what we now know as area 51, a bright light flashed in the night sky. An alien ship crash landed, skidding right into their campfire. Being practical Amish men, they quickly put out the burning ship and rescued the last remaining pregnant female of an Alien Lizard race. Feeling guilty about setting fire to her ship, they staid with her while she laid 500 eggs. She quickly learned our language as her eggs matured and hatched. The men helped her repair her ship and became quite attached to the young lizard race as they matured over the next year. They enjoyed flying her ship and buzzing unsuspecting humans. They caused quite a stir amongst us humans. Liza Jane, as the female was called, realized this was going nowhere good. She pulled out her spare flashy thingy and explained to the Amish how to put it to good use. In return for their silence and as thanks for their help, she allowed them to keep the flashy thingy and return to their people. The Amish became known as the Men in Black. They continue to this day to protect Liza Jane’s offspring.

What happened to Liza Jane and her offspring? Her offspring are in DC. Our entire congress is a group of Alien Lizards. Liza Jane’s offspring engages in the same behavior that destroyed their race and planet. Liza Jane fled our solar system years ago out of guilt and fear. Even the Amish do not know where she went. They believe she will never find a true home. Liza Jane is doomed for eternity fleeing one planet after another as punishment for abandoning Earth to her children.


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