Dear diary, Today the FBI suffered what can only be a serious head injury…

Today the FBI is claiming that the explosion in downtown Nashville, TN was probably a suicide bomber terrified of 5G. Or some such nonsense.

That AT&T office held NSA data as well as Georgia voting and dominion data. It was a communications hub.

I understand that there is a player who has been spinning garbage about 5G in order to distract people from reality and to get people to knock out communications throughout the world. They’re a bad actor and I’m not sure to which side they belong. Anarchy is my best guess. Knocking out communications is a war tactic. On top of the dominion voting and videos showing illegal vote counting throughout the US, the Georgia Senate runoffs are in January. This hub is where those votes get stored as did the previous Georgia votes. Did Trump win? I don’t know. I do know that I’m not spending four years saying any sitting president is not my president. That’s serves no purpose. I do know that destroying voting evidence which is what has been happening throughout our country only helps anarchists. It doesn’t help Biden if you actually believe he won. It doesn’t help Trump. It doesn’t help the people’s faith in our voting process. It only increases the political divide. I sincerely question what group is behind all the destruction of voting evidence. It might be outside actors trying to cause turmoil. What I do know, is that the FBI’s story of a 5G suicide bomber is less believable than the swamp gas story in my previous post.

This is the Las Vegas shooter cover up all over again. One man did not stand inside a hotel room and shoot into a crowd from multiple directions killing people. That story was ridiculous and so is this one. The FBI has had a serious head injury if they think anyone believes them. We don’t. The credibility of our FBI is zero. There is an agency which needs cleaned out immediately from the top down. They are more corrupt than most third world governments. Yes, there are some good agents. I’m speaking of the agency itself and it’s leadership. I rarely post or say anything about our FBI because I do believe they are hired killers and assassins. There have been too many coincidental deaths over the years to believe otherwise. I think if you cross the FBI, then you’ve signed your own death warrant. People fear the FBI. Fear is NOT the same as respect. Welcome to America. Land of the not so free.

And how did we have a fire on Saturday in a building with no electricity? It certainly was not an electrical spark.


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