Republicans can kiss the Georgia Senate runoffs goodbye without direct payments to the people.

Throughout America, people are suffering while our politicians and their friends collect their pay and health benefits. Billionaires and millionaires are getting wealthier while waiting on the real estate markets and banking to crash where they will make even more money. Personal property is being transferred into fewer and fewer wealthy people’s clutches as I write. People are standing in food lines. People are fending off creditors. People are without health insurance. As soon as we reopen areas, anything deferred becomes due. Evictions and repossessions begin but jobs do not exist for people to return too. We saw this happen in Texas before they had to really shutdown again. The wealthy vultures are preparing for a feeding frenzy. What is our government doing to help anyone? Nothing. Next week, covid-19 unemployment ends. Most people will or already have run out of regular unemployment benefits.

Republicans do not want to send out direct payments to people who need money right now. Is their game to make people starve and demand the country reopen? We hired and pay politicians to do their jobs so that people with children do not have to illegally open their business, face fines, and possibly have their children removed from their homes. We pay you to work for us. You get paid by taxpayer money. Taxpayers who now do not have jobs while you continue to get paid and do nothing. Trickle down economics is not an appropriate response to immediate hunger and homelessness. Giving money to a handful of wealthy employers does in fact get us closer to communism. It’s almost as if the Republican Party is the party wanting communism. Give people no way to feed themselves, keep the money with a handful of people, and sit back and play games with the opposition. What are you doing? What are you thinking? Hungry and unemployed people in Georgia are not going to vote for the party blocking help to the common worker. This isn’t difficult to understand. I wouldn’t vote for the republican candidates right now if I lived in Georgia and I voted for Trump. Trump is correct that the swamp needs drained inside of both political parties.

If I were Trump, I would write an executive order giving direct payments to individuals. I would do it on Saturday. It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not. Congress will send out the money and gain even more voters for the Democratic Party. Republicans will look like the greedy politicians they are. Our money won’t be sent to other countries like the ridiculous bill the Democrats tried to pass. We are going to have a government shutdown. We are going to have increased crime and poverty as benefits run out. The American people are going to have no choice but to embrace communism. The Republicans aren’t going to help them. The Democrats are going to keep everything shutdown. It’s getting ready to be ugly. The pandemic is the least of our worries.


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