$600 for American Citizens but millions for foreign countries.

I am thoroughly disgusted with our congress and senate. Why would a Covid-19 stimulus package supposedly to help the American people include ANY foreign aid? Why would the package include more money given to foreign aid than our own people? There’s not much else to say other than Pelosi and her trolls need removed from leading congress. I am sorry, but I am tired of the Democrats using “I hate Trump” to send all of our US taxpayer money to other countries while letting our own people starve. There is no excuse. This, along with many other things Pelosi and her cronies have pushed, has nothing to do with Trump. Stop using your hate as an excuse to screw over the American people.

And almost 6000 pages???? That right there should be your first clue it’s filled with garbage.

And the Republicans who agreed to this bill? Are you joking or did you just assume Trump would cover for your spineless actions and veto the bill? Republicans need to understand there are millions of Americans who have lost their income due to covid-19 and need a little more help than $600. Individual states need funding as well. The focus of this bill needs to be the American people not your wealthy business partners with money in shell companies and off shore accounts.

If nothing else, our worthless representatives have found a way to unite the American people. For that, I give them credit.


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