The Christmas Star

Normally, I am a big fan of science and astronomy. I thoroughly enjoy photos taken using telescopes, probes, and satellites of outer space. Being able to see what the surface of planets and their atmospheres look like from their own view rather than ours on earth is fascinating. What science and technology have shown us is awe inspiring. There are some really nice photos taken of the Christmas Star using telescopes on social media. You can see the planets with their moons clearly and in great detail.

And yet, I prefer the crappy phone pictures being posted of the Christmas Star on social media. During a pandemic, economic disaster, and an ugly political election year, the Christmas Star is one of the few events bringing a break to the mundane as well as joy and hope to many. People all over the country were outside last night taking bad photos and sharing the story of the Christmas Star. People viewed two planets that converged making one bright Christmas Star. People experienced joy, laughter and hope. Those have been in short supply lately. 10 years from now, the bad phone picture will bring memories of joy in a time of darkness. 10 years from now, the photos taken using telescopes and technology will not bring us the same memories. Your bad photo will remind you what you saw with your own eyes. It will remind you what you experienced. It will remind you what Joseph and Mary saw. Joseph and Mary didn’t follow a satellite image. They followed what we witnessed with our own eyes from our own homes.

Keep sharing your bad photos and your joy.

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