Why are we distributing a vaccine that may cause Rona to spread?

The Hill published an article this week about an upcoming interview with the chairman of Pfizer. The subject of the interview? According to the chairman of Pfizer, we don’t know if the person who receives the new covid-19 vaccine is contagious after receiving the vaccine. What are we doing?

The area in which I live is scheduled to get 30,000 doses which will go to healthcare workers, elderly people in nursing homes, and frontline responders. Let’s say the vaccine makes you contagious for even a week. Our hospitals are full in rural areas with patients from the urban areas. If we give this shot to healthcare workers, everyone inside a hospital or doctors office/clinic, will be exposed to the virus. All of the patients already in the hospital for other reasons. Anyone who goes to see any type of healthcare worker who has received the vaccine may now be at risk. Every healthcare or frontline worker will expose their families to Covid-19. Nursing homes? Assuming everyone inside the nursing home receives the vaccine, no one will be allowed inside until they receive the vaccine because they will be exposed. In addition, we don’t even know how long the vaccine which is a two shot vaccine, will even last. What about pregnant women? The vaccines have never been tested on pregnant women.

WHAT ARE WE DOING??? We are setting up a situation in which these vaccines will have to be mandatory or we will be looking at indefinite lockdowns and quarantines. We are setting up a situation where we will have to track every individual. We are setting up a situation where newborn babies may indefinitely be separated from their parents. We are setting up the introduction of communism. Do NOT take the new vaccine. The US has made it where we have zero recourse if the new vaccine kills or causes lasting health problems. That was done after this pandemic began. Do NOT take the vaccine.

I am not against vaccines. My son and I have both had all required/recommended vaccines up until now. We will not be taking this one until it has been tested properly. Apparently, the testing will be on our elderly, medical workers, and frontline responders. Every new vaccine throughout history has killed, permanently damaged, or spread the virus it was intended to prevent when the vaccines first come out. This is true even after better testing than these vaccines have undergone.

We are doing this in the US for a virus that has less than a 2 percent mortality rate inside our country.


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