Santa is on a Covid-19 respirator. Christmas is cancelled.

Christmas travel, shopping, and family gatherings are being cancelled or minimized throughout the US. Schools are not open in many areas. People are isolated and depressed. The economy is making billions for a handful of people who are profiting from Rona. The rest of the people are getting deeper in debt and losing businesses, jobs, and property. Many have lost loved ones to Covid-19.

If you have kids or family members who are mentally at risk, put up your Christmas tree and decorations. Make the Christmas candy and the meal. Buy whatever presents you can afford or even make and put them under your tree. Plan and proceed with a Christmas celebration even if it’s not the one you would normally have. It’s important to bring whatever joy and spirit of Christmas you can into your home this holiday season. Be thankful for what you do have and share with your neighbor and the needy.

Enjoy your holiday season. Santa will recover.

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