Watching America is like watching an abusive relationship unfold.

The first thing I usually hear people say after a wife, child, or even husband is finally murdered by an abuser is, “Why didn’t she (or he) just leave?” Well, because it’s not that simple and straightforward. It’s often gradual and creeps up on a person in the same way the censorship and loss of rights have in America. Why aren’t we standing up and fighting? Why did the German people during Hitler’s reign get rid of him from the start? Why did they elect him? Why did she date him or marry him? It’s the exact same dynamic. It’s about one person or group of people gaining power and control. Unless you are talking about a kidnapping or an outright military takeover, it’s always a gradual process.

On December 8th, if our electoral college votes for Biden, Trump may concede the election which will make Biden the President Elect. Right now, he is not, regardless of what the media tells you. I think the electoral college will vote Biden into office. Trump can concede or continue to try and fight in court over election discrepancies and irregularities. We will have to wait and see how this plays out.

Personally, I don’t care which side caused or is causing voting fraud and irregularities. I don’t care if they were enough to change this particular election. Any and all voter fraud and irregularities need addressed legally and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those are punches to our very election process in the same way an abuser hits a victim and gets by with it. Abusers keep pushing the line further and further until they are forcibly stopped. If we don’t have a free and fair election, we don’t have a country. Well, it’s just a few votes is the same as saying he only hit me a couple of times.

Media censorship of the conservative party as well as any opinion that doesn’t agree with the far left is completely out of control. You cannot go against the opinion of the far left without suffering consequences. It’s the same as the abuser telling his friends that it’s the victim’s fault. Go after her because I’m your bro. And men usually do defend their friend the same as the media and the far left are defending each other.

Encroachment on 2A has been gradual and is reaching crises level in some areas. Increased regulations and taxes on firearms and ammunition has an ultimate goal of government gaining total control over an unarmed population. People tolerate the increased regulations because they have been gradual. People have tolerated taxes because they have been gradual. People adjust when change or loss is gradual. People adjust without even realizing they have adjusted. The same as an abused spouse or child gradually gives up having personal money, friends and family, or even being able to choose what food to eat for dinner or clothes to wear. Isolation ensues and helplessness ensues. There isn’t a way to leave or place to go with no money, friends, or supportive family members.

Covid-19 regulations and mandates have pushed isolation and helplessness to a breaking point for many Americans as well as removing income.

Closing schools has not only increased isolation between friends, it has increased isolation among family units. It has broken the needed socialization and learning for school age children. Social skills must be learned. Isolating adults is bad but isolation children during the years social skills are learned is going to have long term affects.

We are truly at in the end phase of an abusive relationship in America. We are isolated, losing rights and freedoms, losing a means of earning income, losing our property, losing our family and social structure, and we appear to have no way out.

My question to America is, “When is the divorce, or are we going to let ourselves die as a nation?” We don’t have another country to go to and become a refugee. The rest of the world comes here to us.


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