Deer Blinding

Verb: Deer Blinding. Definition: Using deer blinds as a strategic or integral point of home and property defense during a civil war on American soil.

Noun: Deer Blinding. Definition: The name of the strategy.

How do overweight, old, out of shape, or out numbered people defend their rural properties? Deer blinding. Most rural people with land hunt on their own land, especially if it is by a creek, river, or pond. Deer blinds are built away from homes, barns, and other structures. They are built to be camouflaged so deer and other wildlife will approach without fear. They are built for the hunter to sit in comfortably for hours. Some of them already have supplies. The hunter knows exactly how far from that deer blind he can hit a moving target with his rifle which includes a mounted scope. Forget your handgun. It does not have a suitable range.

Take the tractor and plow and circle your property making a firebreak on the outside as well as around your structures or plant ground cover that remains green and will not burn. Sit in your deer blind with your rifles and ammo with your beer or whiskey and enjoy your civil war from the comfort of your enclosure. Make sure you have a snack. Make sure your ATV is fully fueled and camouflaged as well.

If you do not have a deer blind, upgrade your duck blind shanty.

This whole civil war thing between city and country people is a really bad idea. Maybe we should consider finding middle ground. Maybe we should consider NOT shutting down the entire country and wrecking the economy because rural people won’t. From an historical standpoint, The Crusades taught us that the most difficult people to conquer are those defending their families and homes. We also rediscovered this during the Vietnam War. You won’t win. Not without a military force.


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