Trump should NOT concede the election. Make it go to the House where each state has one vote.

Trump is not and should not concede the presidential election. There are voting irregularities in several battle ground states. There are counts and recounts where only democrats are being allowed to count votes that arrived by the 100s of thousands in the middle of the night and are one hundred percent for Biden. Tie this up in court and make it go to the House of Representatives where each state receives only one vote. Keep fighting. It’s been done before. Our constitution provides for the protection from contested elections.

We also need to fight the push for a country wide covid-19 lockdown with guaranteed income. We will get up one morning with no one being able to pay their debt or able to keep privately owned businesses opened. We will be forced to go to government owned everything. We will be forced into communism. Love or hate Trump. I don’t care. Love your freedom because we are about to lose it if we don’t fight for it.

Covid-19 has less than a 2 percent fatality rate in the US. Do not lose our country over a virus no more deadly than this one.

I realize the media is saying this is a done deal. It is not.


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