The media does not decide our election, they just censor dissenting views.

Nowhere in our constitution does the media get to decide our elections. We are being censored to the point of absurdity. Most of my friends have added MeWe and Parler accounts because of censorship just on FB. The international media is beyond laughable. I have read numerous news stories from other countries celebrating Biden and the return of the US’s money and resources for their own personal benefit. I’m tired of US money and resources being spent everywhere except for in our own country. I’m not saying don’t help our allies. I am saying we have problems here we need to devote resources too. Trump needs to fight until the bitter end. Red states are not done fighting yet regardless of what mainstream media vomits up.

The more I see, the more I realize that the election counts and results are garbage. It’s one thing if Trump legitimately lost, but I don’t believe that he did. I do believe it was close. It’s too close not to recount and validate votes as long as necessary. Our constitution allows for not conceding an election when it’s contested.


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