December 8th, is the official Presidential election result. Biden-Harris/Trump

I voted for Trump for a variety of reasons. I thought he had a good chance of winning, but I’m not surprised that he appears to have lost. I say appears because there are some ballot issues and I don’t think he is done fighting. I don’t believe there are as many as most Trump fans believe. I have friends who voted for Biden and voted by requesting an absentee ballot by mail. Biden had small rallies because his supporters believe Covid-19 is real and they also didn’t want to deal with demonstrators and long lines. Of course the mail in ballots take more time and arrive later. However, there is a difference between a verified and requested absentee ballot and mass mailing ballots to unverified addresses and voting status. Trump isn’t done fighting. He probably shouldn’t be done fighting.

Whoever is declared the winner on December 8th, should be acknowledged by both sides. We do not need another four years of he is not my president. That is simply ridiculous and childish.

I voted for Trump because I am not a socialist, communist, or one world government supporter. I do support some social service programs. We are a wealthy country and there isn’t any moral excuse not to help people inside our own country who are in need. We should support programs to enable our country to grow and get better. Those programs benefit our society as a whole. They increase education and health as well as lower crimes. I don’t care if part of my paycheck is withheld and used for those purposes. I get a benefit as well as the person or family receiving the benefit. We do need police. We do need police reform. We need education reform as well.

Trump supporters believe we have lost our country as well as our freedoms with Biden-Harris as our leaders. Biden supporters believe we have lost our country as well as our freedoms with Trump as our president. Rural America and Urban America do not understand each other’s day to day existence. They don’t even want to understand each other. That’s our biggest problem. Economically and socially the two are like completely different countries. No empathy or compassion exists from one to the other.

I have lived in both. I am a single parent of a mixed race son living in rural America. Trump’s far right base almost lost me as well. I disagree with the extremists on both sides of the aisle. We need a country in which we all can live peacefully and profitably together. I understand why Biden voters support Biden. I completely get it.

I’ve talked to a lot of women who believe that women and children will lose their rights under both extremes of the spectrum. It’s a matter of which side you think you can influence within your immediate circumstances and which side you think you stand a better chance with. We lose either way. No one has rights under communism. Where has the right been when it comes to domestic and child abuse remaining misdemeanors, rapists retaining paternity rights, women going to jail for defending themselves and their children from an abusive spouse or boyfriend, equal pay for the same job (no, that still isn’t a thing in many jobs), human sex trafficking and arresting the victims while not arresting the pimp, allowing adult men to marry children as young as 10 in some states in cases of rape and pregnancy, the death of women’s sports, as well as abortion laws restricting medical care for women having live births. The list goes on. The right likes to brag that our laws are based in Christianity and they are. So was burning midwives at the stake for being witches in the middle ages. It’s about controlling women and retaining men’s power. That’s what these things are really about. They aren’t politically about religion. Religion is a tool for control. Women will lose their rights if the religious right extremists take control. I find it hard to distinguish the attitudes of Muslim men and Christian extremist men. They are the same.

The LGBTQ community cannot distinguish the difference between extremist Muslims and extremist Christians either. They lose either way.

The far right has spent the last few months preaching racism and systemic racism does not exist within our country. That’s a bold faced lie. I do believe that most people believe they are not racist. Here is an example of systemic racism: It is common practice for employers in the OKC area to look at street addresses when choosing a new hire. Why? They don’t want the drama caused by hiring someone from a bad neighborhood to enter their business. It is common practice in OKC for home and apartment owners to look at previous addresses before renting to anyone. How does a person living in a bad neighborhood get out? They can’t find employment or housing outside of their area. If they are on welfare and they get a dollar or two an hour raise, it can kick them off of services such as food and medical and housing subsidies. That raise is not big enough to pay the difference in expenses. They will turn it down if possible because they have a family to feed. How do they work up? Yes, there are people who find help and get out or find the right opportunity or employer to give them a break. Realistically, it doesn’t happen often. That’s systemic racism, but it can and does happen to poor people of all ethnic backgrounds. The majority of the people who fall into this cycle are minorities. Minorities lose with either candidate as well.

Trump signed funding black universities and colleges forever. Trump has increased women’s jobs and salaries in the workplace. Those two reasons are part of why I voted for him in spite of the far right extremists.

These last two months I have been reading, watching and hearing male supremacy groups like The Proud Boys crawl from their caves. Trump should have slapped them down. He chose not to do so. I have a problem with that. A big problem with that.

In addition, I have been bombarded on my FB page by posts that say you are going to hell if you do not vote against abortion and for Trump. Democrats are going to hell. God sent Trump as our savior. If you vote for Trump against abortion, God will return to our land and save us. The apocalypse is nigh. Throughout history, the apocalypse has been nigh at every crises. If you’re actually a Christian, it shouldn’t even matter if the apocalypse is nigh. There is a cartoon from the 1970’s on the internet that explains how a bill becomes a law. There is one that explains the three branches of our government. The president does not write laws. He can influence the outcome of possible judicial outcomes by picking judges for federal seats as well as his pick for the supreme court. He can veto funding bills, but Congress has the power of the purse. Trump cannot end abortion. The supreme court can’t even write laws. They interpret law as all judges do. They do not write laws.

I am tired of every four years elections being about abortion rights while doing nothing to change the circumstances for women that causes them to choose or be forced into abortions. We can make abortions illegal but they aren’t going to decrease until we offer some options for women and yes, men. Some of those women are at the abortion clinic because baby daddy/husband didn’t give them a choice. Change our laws to protect women and children from abusive men. We need affordable daycare. We need paid maternity and paternity leave. The religious right is completely unwilling to even discuss addressing men’s role and accountability in any of this. As well as men who tell their wife or girlfriend she isn’t having his child because he can’t afford it or doesn’t want it. Men are above women and children in Christianity. Christians say it isn’t true but our actions and laws speak louder than their denials of reality. The Bible does not support men being above women and children.

Where do Trump supporters get off saying if you don’t vote for Trump you are going to hell? Who do you think you are? God? Sins aren’t ranked in the Bible. Sins are just sins. Pride, arrogance, ego, murder, adultery, lust, vanity….. they are all simply sin. It’s your human arrogance and condition that chooses to believe your sins are less than someone else’s. They are not. God renders judgement to the entrance to heaven not Trump supporters. There is no panel of men sitting at God’s right hand helping him choose which women are worthy. Get over yourselves already.

Given these groups all have had and continue to have fewer rights and protections under our laws written and based in Christianity, why would they vote for religious extremists on the right? Because we need jobs for white men? No one comes to know Jesus through force or coercion, and hate. A direct result of doing nothing about sexual assault is a growing population of gender confused, bisexual, promiscuous, and gay population. You do nothing for women and children to protect them, but you judge them based on the results of our Christian based laws who support the men (and sometimes women) who cause the behavior. You continue to lay the blame on the victims. You offer no legal way out. You offer no legal protection. Do you honestly believe that some of these people even want to spend eternity with you and the God you worship? They don’t. They just want their life to be done when they die. They want it to be over. They want a final death. Vote for Trump or go the hell….are you serious? I know some Democrats who are way better Christians than those of you who were posting that garbage. The extremists on the right offer these people literally nothing except continued abuse and hate. Don’t expect people whom you hate to vote for you.

I am thoroughly disgusted with both extremes in our country. You both are accountable for throwing our entire country under the bus. I would like to say this is going to get better, but I don’t believe that it is. I think we are in for difficult times ahead. I think our mess is going to spill over onto the rest of the world as well. I do not wish to see a return of war in the middle east. I do not wish to see a return of bad trade deals with China and Mexico. I do not want a one world government led by a handful of wealthy elitists who believe in population control. I don’t want to see our food supply eliminated using climate control as an excuse for that handful of people to gain total control over the world. Control the food and money and you control the world. Kamala has already started pushing controlling the food supply. Yes, I am still a Trump supporter and I hope he fights until the bitter end. Yes, I do believe most religious people are good people and trying to follow the Bible as best as they know how. Most are not extremists. Neither party has been able to control the extremists within their own party. Both parties have plenty of people who agree or are able to compromise with people from the other party to come to agreements on most issues. The moderates on both sides need to come together and eliminate the extremists from power. I am not interested in a civil war but I’m still not sure that it isn’t going to happen.


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