Conquering the World. Covid-19 shutdowns are only the beginning.

The history of warfare is fascinating. There are numerous tried and true ways to conquer nations, civilizations or specific uprisings. So what would it take to conquer most of the first world countries thereby controlling the world government?

Here is a list of proven tactics to take out specific populations:

  • Burn out rural areas. This eliminates your food production. Control the food, control the people.
  • Burn or starve out people who have barricaded themselves inside a complex. In modern times, we can now bomb them. Control the food. Control the people.
  • Cut off trade and supply routes. This can be globally, locally or anything in between. Control the food, control the people.
  • Regulate food production and consumption. This can be globally, locally or anything in between. Control the food, control the people.
  • Fund extremists groups on opposing sides within an area or country in order to cause self destruction and distract them from being conquered by an outside source. The US military has successfully deployed this tactic in the middle east for decades.
  • Breed them out as a last resort. Vikings as well as Muslims have been very successful with this tactic as well. Vikings used to rape, pillage and plunder. It destroys marriages and family relationships resulting in offspring from the opposing force. Illegal and legal immigration can be used in this tactic effectively.
  • Destroy or attack religion. This is a last resort as it always ends in massive bloodshed. People will fight for their souls as well as their churches and private property to the death. They are fighting for their immortal existence. The mortal one no longer is relevant in this situation.
  • Mandate a specific religion. If only one religion is allowed, then the government or dictator can easily brainwash an entire society/culture into willing submission.
  • Control the money and means to provide for families. Indebtedness to a government or lender is the quickest way in which to accomplish monetary control. You have to get the society into a situation where it needs or wants to borrow money before this can happen.

How can you conquer the world and unite it into one controlled government or society without a massive and destructive war? You use a virus with just high enough of a death rate to justify shutdowns but not high enough to endanger the population as a whole. You’ve also decreased population which makes it easier. If you can coordinate shutdowns globally for an extended period, you have crashed the economy, shutdown food supply, pitted religion against law enforcement, raised poverty and crime, and then one group or country can swoop in and rescue the world. Welcome to the New World Order. Our country just voted out the only person or thing standing in the way of this happening. None of this could be accomplished without the US. Biden has already stated he is willing to enforce a complete US shutdown come January if it’s recommended by the scientific/medical community. Other countries are projecting and planning complete shutdowns in December and January as well. How can people NOT see the writing on the wall? This is basic warfare. Covid-19 has less than a 2 percent fatality rate in the US. It isn’t deadly enough to warrant a complete shutdown and kill our economy. Do I want the virus? Nope, but it is endemic and we cannot eradicate Covid-19 without an effective vaccine.

I understand why people only watching mainstream media do not see the big picture and voted for Biden. I do get it. And our US media is being censored. I fully expect to have this post censored, although it’s pointless. Many Trump supporters figured this out months ago. Most Trump supporters believe the virus was bioengineered. Once Biden is in office, there isn’t any going back from this. He is going to hand the US over to the globalists. It appears as if he is attempting a peaceful transition into a one world government while he leads the sheep to slaughter. Most religious people understand the Book of Revelations tells us during end times there will be a one world government as well as one official religion which will not be Christianity. There isn’t any stopping God’s plan if this is where we are in history. It is what it is. I’m simply tired of people not being able to speak openly about the endgame. It’s not like they aren’t talking about it to each other off the internet. If we are not entering end times, we need to resist lockdowns when Biden takes office in January. We also need to demand ballot recounts in several states before December 8th. I am not opposed to localized short term lockdowns to control spread in an outbreak zone, but nationwide? Hell no. We have rough times ahead. We all know it and feel it in our bones.

On a side note, I’ve wanted to post what is actually going on in the world for months but did not wish to become targeted or my site removed. At this point, I don’t think it even matters. The half of America that needed to understand, already sees what is happening. The other half either supports globalism or will follow like sheep. In other words, dear globalists, the cat has been out of the bag for months. Are we allowed to talk about it yet or are we still being censored? That’s really the only question.


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