Election 2020

For once, I did not mind donning a face covering in order to go vote. I am sitting watching election results slowly filter in and be counted. I am sitting watching cities across the USA filled with rioters and looters awaiting results. NO, we are not going to have definitive results tonight in quite a few states or areas.

During the last presidential election in 2016, I was living in Oklahoma. It was the only state in the country for Trump to win every county. Of course, Oklahoma has already declared Trump as their winner as well as mostly Republican candidates for every race. Thank goodness their state question 805 looks to be stomped into defeat. My current state has not yet declared a winner, but it looks like and probably will be Trump as well. It’s been a fairly close race between Trump and Biden in my state.

I hope this ends peacefully regardless of the winner and we all remember that we are one country. United we stand. Divided we fall. If my choice loses, life continues. My neighbors remain my neighbors. My friends remain my friends. I have friends ranging from the LGBTQ community to the far religious right. I don’t care. I only care how we treat each other. My prayers go out to our country tonight and over the next few weeks for peace to return to our country and for us all to remember that we all win if we accept the results, whatever they may be, and work together for a better future.


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