Voting may be completed on November 3rd, but Jesus is due to arrive November 5th at 2:37pm. Or maybe on Friday at the latest.

The entire US is ready for elections to be over. People are worn out and need an answer ASAP after the votes are all submitted. I don’t believe for one second that will happen. I see large Trump rallies throughout the US including Democrat strongholds such as Los Angeles. When a large Trump rally happens inside LA, you can take to the bank Trump has won this election. People are tired of being held hostage to riots, looting and shutdowns. People want police. People agree we need reform such as limiting the power of police unions to protect vigilante police. People from both parties agree racism of any kind is wrong. People agree on a lot. A lot of us are tired of Rona shutdowns.

The US mainstream media has worked towards dividing our country since Obama’s early first term if not before. The one world government crowd has worked to divide our country for decades. Agenda 21. The US should pull out of membership in the UN and kick them off of US soil. Around 25 percent of funding for the UN originates in the US. We need to shut them down. They are pro depopulation and one world government. They already think they are the rulers of the world. They are not. Not if the US ceases funding and supporting the UN. Most of the world is not as dumb as the world’s media believes. It is obvious there is an attempt to crash the world economy and a power play for control over most of the world. Covid-19 is simply not that deadly. It has over a 98 percent survival rate in the US. Do I want Rona? NO. Am I stupid about exposing myself to Rona? NO. Should we reopen the US? Yes. Believe nothing you see or hear on the news on either side. You cannot get only one side worked up and divide a nation. You must get everyone on every side worked up in order to destroy a nation. The far right is being lied to and purposely worked up just like the far left. You’re both being played. The goal is a civil war and destruction of our government.

As soon as the votes are in, Democrat held states are going to sit on their counts if they don’t have the votes. Republicans are going to cry cheating. Every close race is going to demand a recount. This is going to be a complete disaster and we all know it. Neither side is going to believe or accept the result unless they win. Both sides are convinced the apocalypse is at hand if they lose. Both sides are convinced they will lose their rights and freedoms if they lose. It’s quite interesting listening to both sides say the exact same thing about each other. I think Jesus is supposed to be here late Thursday evening. Maybe Friday. Don’t bother buying Christmas gifts. You won’t need them.

Yes, I was rolling my eyes as I typed this post.

I’m sorry. I’m unclear about the exact time of Jesus’ return.


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