Silence and emotional withdrawal are usually synonymous for women.

Women are verbal. When a woman stops being verbal, she is done with you or the situation. Men sometimes have a goal of getting a woman to be quiet. That’s not a great idea if you’re interested in keeping her affection or loyalty. Women will keep talking about something until it is resolved to their satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if the resolution takes 60 years. She’s going to keep talking and talking and talking….. Your best hope for peace is to have an open and honest conversation about whatever it is that she won’t stop talking about. Usually, she’s looking for an answer or resolution that you have not given. Or she’s plain mad and needs something to get past her anger. Sometimes a simple apology is the best resolution. Sometimes asking her directly what it is she wants is the best. Sometimes she isn’t sure what she wants as a resolution either but she knows that she hasn’t received whatever the mysterious something maybe. One thing is certain. If she isn’t talking and is silent, she is mad or she is simply done with you. You aren’t worth her time.

Yes, women who are happy, will sit quietly and enjoy the compatible silence of peace and quiet with you. It isn’t the same quiet as being silent and uncommunicative. She is relaxed, maybe affectionate, possibly with a smile on her face in her peaceful silence.

For whatever reason, men and women sometimes don’t understand that we communicate differently. Men want to be able to resolve or fix something or they don’t want to talk about it. Women need to vent and talk. The talking helps eliminate stress and deal with the situation. The talking helps come to the answer. It can wear some men out. That’s why we have female friends. Don’t wear out your man. Sometimes he actually does need some silence.


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