My favorite holiday. Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. No one agrees on Halloween’s origins but it certainly originated within pagan traditions. One of the most popular theories date Halloween back to Celtic harvest traditions. Halloween is a holiday to celebrate the dead. Some cultures still believe the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest on All Hallows Eve. I find the spirituality of Halloween fascinating. Cultures throughout the western world who have celebrated some form of Halloween, all believe that life does not end with death. They believe in celebrating their dead ancestors. The scary masks and costumes are intended in most cultures to frighten away evil spirits and demons. At some point, Christianity and Catholicism attempted to replace pagan All Hallows Eve with their own celebration in order to bring pagans into their religion. Most holidays in the western world date back to pagan holidays of some type. Most of the world believes in some type of eternal life of our souls, evil, and good. They believe these things so strongly that every major religion in the world is collectively responsible for murdering millions of people throughout history in the name of religion. Halloween is a truly unique western holiday. It means different things to different people and yet so many can peacefully celebrate Halloween together. It’s a strangely uniting holiday. That’s why it’s my favorite holiday. For one day, people can put on a scary costume, have fun, and forget about their daily troubles. It’s fun. People have parties and hand out candy. People laugh.


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