The difference between being a leader and being a dictator.

Leading and dictating or “being in charge” are two very different behaviors and concepts. The concepts remain true whether talking about leading a nation, a sports team, a marriage or a business group. The concepts are so completely different that people willingly follow leaders often without even realizing they are following but fight and rebel against dictators. And yet so many people cannot or do not understand the difference.

Dictators dictate. A dictator decides what they think is best and demands people follow orders. Dictators consider their own best interests above all others. Dictators often have an agenda which always benefits themselves but no one else. They are egocentric and power hungry. They will use any and all tools at their disposal to keep their power and control over other people. Dictators are masters at using religion for their own purposes to control populations, churches, and families. Dictators are masters at controlling wealth, judicial systems, education, property ownership, culture, how people are allowed to dress (especially spouses and children), what people read, what people think, absolutely everything down to the last detail must be dictated in order to maintain their power. People always eventually rebel. Be it countries, work, or spouses, they always eventually rebel. Dictators always lay the blame on the rebellious population or person and accuse them of wanting to take charge. Yes, they do want to take charge of their own situations and lives, but not yours, the dictator. Just their own. That’s the part dictators cannot abide. They don’t even understand how someone wouldn’t want control over everyone and everything. Dictators come in every gender, race, religion, and country. They’re all pretty awful.

Leaders intuitively get people to follow by setting examples through their own behavior and by genuinely wanting the people or person they lead to be successful and happy as well. Leaders ask for input. Leaders look at how their own actions motivate and affect the people they lead. Leaders expect things to not always work out how they thought they might. Leaders admit when they are wrong and change their own actions and course. Leaders inspire people to become better. Leaders put others needs first. Leaders lead. Leaders unite people.

The difference between a leader and a dictator is what is missing when women get fed up with men and church when churches get stuck on men are the head of the household. Jesus teaches leadership not dictatorship. This is not a difficult concept. Men and women both follow leaders. Why wouldn’t your wife?

Trump is not a dictator nor is he a uniting leader. Biden is a puppet. Kamala Harris is a dictator. Pence isn’t a strong enough leader to become the president. I am not thrilled with the behavior being brought out in some of Trump’s voting base. I am not thrilled with the looting and rioting within the Democratic Party. I am ready for 2020 to be nothing but small numbers in my rearview mirror.


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