Snow is moving in and I love snow.

Snow is moving in where I live for the next couple of days. Ice is of course moving in first. I could do without the ice, but I love snow. I’ve been in a great mood today. I’ve got an electric fireplace in my living room. I’ve spent most of the day in my recliner in front of the fireplace watching Halloween movies and listening to the wind blow in the snowstorm. My son has spent the day in his room on the Xbox One or napping. We both want enough snow to go outside and play!

Several of my friends have been on social media or text messaged me about unrequited love. Winter weather brings in nostalgia for many people and depression for some. For me it brings memories of sledding, snowball fights, and making snowmen as a child. I have no bad memories associated with snow. It’s pretty and it’s fun. The blanket of white makes the world look clean and kills the summertime bugs. The trees get covered in icicles and snow before they renew themselves in the springtime. Everything is quiet and peaceful. Everything is white, pure and clean. It’s a time of ending past things in order to begin again in the springtime. I LOVE SNOW!


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