Hey you, let me in.

Regardless of where you live in the world, it can be very depressing. Covid-19 is isolating people. Human rights are being violated and lost. Economies are crashing. Natural disasters are occurring. People are dying. Too many see no hope for the future.

Now more than anytime in recent history, it is important to not only reach out to others but to let others in when they reach out to you. We are told to guard our hearts. Guarding your heart to me means not to let it grow cold and uncaring. It does not mean to shut ourselves off from other people and not let in friendship and love. Lift each other up in the spirit of humanity and kindness. Reach out to your neighbors, friends and even strangers. Simple acts of kindness do more to change the world than anything else we do in life. There is hope. The virus will run its course. Elections will be over soon. If your choice looses, there will be another election in the near future. Disasters pass. Economies recover. Life continues, but not always with the people we thought would be with us, and not always on the path we thought we would follow. More often than not, our life improves or our own strength and courage grows from obstacles we overcome. We meet new people or discover people who were always there but we didn’t notice or have them in our lives in the capacity we now need. Everything in life is temporary and passes. Enjoy the people and things that are important to you and improve each others lives. Don’t fear change. Change makes us grow and learn. Change is good. Don’t dwell on the past. Learn from it and move forward. Live in the present and the future.


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