The Book of Imagination: Far religious extremism in America.

As a single mom of a mixed raced son, religious extremism on the far right is the single greatest threat in the US. Men who hate women appear to be crawling out of their caves all across America. It isn’t pretty.

Since the existence of the Bible, there have always been insecure men who have used religion as a tool for power to control and abuse women and children as well as any other ethnicity than their own. The political climate in the US has brought these men out in force. The intolerable part is that they are using religion to emotionally manipulate religious men to follow along. Their subjugated and mindless women are following. Personally, I am emotionally and physically exhausted from dealing with these bags of mindless testosterone. It’s not what Jesus taught. These religious extremists pull Bible verses out of context and have compiled them into what I am now referring to as the Book of Imagination. One of their biggest fails is not understanding the Bible refers to the church as a woman. Some of the verses being quoted to chastise women all over the internet aren’t even referring to women. They’re referring to the church and the fall of the church. You cannot pull random verses from the Bible without context and retain any type of true meaning.

The Book of Imagination reads much like the internet. It’s a compilation of mostly garbage. Anyone can pull any verse out of context and back up whatever view they want to justify their own opinion, ego and power grab. The Bible and the internet are being used in exactly the same manner. There is a verse or site that can be twisted to confirm any bad behavior or bad idea. Do not believe the religious extremists’ teachings because they aren’t Jesus’ teachings. Religion is once again at the forefront of manipulating people for evil. If you are going to a church or listening to someone obsessed with men’s God given power over women, walk away. Jesus Christ is the only path to God. Men are not. Following Jesus is the only path to heaven, not following men. Jesus Christ saves everyone of every race and gender equally. Men don’t have a special place reserved in heaven just for men. Jesus never taught that women were less than men. Ever. That’s just men picking and choosing in order stroke their male ego and have power. That’s the complete opposite of what Jesus taught. Do not follow the Book of Imagination which is being preached throughout the US and all over the internet.


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