If Biden and Trump came with side effect warning labels like prescription drugs…

I think we need warning labels on our two presidential candidates the same as prescription drugs, medical treatments, and toasters. Since there is no government agency currently being paid to provide warning labels for people, I suggest the following:

Joe Biden:

Electing Joe Biden may result in any of the following side effects from mild cases up to and including death:

  • Women and children may receive unwanted groping and hair sniffing.
  • Socialism which could lead to communism in the near future.
  • Excessive taxation and debt.
  • Removal from office due to declining mental capacity.
  • Poor trade agreements resulting in jobs lost to foreign countries.
  • Excessive gun control laws.
  • Complete economic shutdown using covid19 as a political tool to end our economy and reign in socialism.
  • Ending women’s and girl’s privacy and equal opportunity rights in favor of transgender people. Girl’s and women’s sports could be effectively ended.
  • Government control of ideology in education.
  • Government control of our children.
  • Poor neighborhoods continuing to be trapped inside of a never ending welfare cycle.
  • Loss of freedom of religion.
  • Excessive use of special interest groups to gain political votes immediately followed by tossing those groups aside as soon as elections are over.
  • Excessive homelessness and poverty.
  • Defunding of police resulting in high crime areas.
  • Growth of more areas like Chicago caused by poverty, removing guns from private ownership, failure to remove guns from criminals, and the withdrawal of police.
  • Excessive inflation.
  • Increase in drugs and human trafficking resulting from an open Mexican border.
  • Elimination of the middle class family.
  • Increase in pedophilia and human trafficking due to a complete failure to recognize they’re even wrong.
  • Increase in government control over food production and medical treatments.
  • Increased money and control over the medical community placing control of our healthcare even further into a few people’s hands.
  • Increased economic ties with China.
  • Increased reliance on other countries for oil and technology.
  • Possible annihilation by other countries due to Biden’s complete spinelessness.
  • Complete media control by the government.
  • Censorship in every form.
  • Loss of our constitution and freedoms.

Donald Trump:

Electing Donald Trump may result in any of the following side effects from mild cases up to and including death:

  • Excessive tweeting.
  • Egotistical and exaggerated statements.
  • Continued appearances of past indiscretions such as Stormy Daniels.
  • Continued rioting.
  • Continued impeachment attempts by Nancy Pelosi and friends.
  • Continued inability by our government to do anything other than fight.
  • Increase in extremist white supremacy or male supremacy groups.
  • Increase by extremist groups to return women to the home and out of the workplace.
  • Increased attacks on anyone other than evangelical or Catholic faiths by extremist groups.
  • Increased restrictions on women in general.
  • Continued media bias and censorship.
  • Decreased support or tolerance for anyone not in a traditional family situation or both parents working to support their families.
  • Decreased support for domestic violence and abused children.
  • Increased instances of prison in situations of self defense used against their husband or significant other.
  • Increased prostitution and trafficking of women and children due to no other choice to gain income.

As a woman, both choices are pretty terrible. As a single mom, they’re even worse. I think my best shot at not losing all of my rights is probably with Trump. There are plenty of religious people and people in general in the Republican party who are not so extreme and do not hate women or view them as property. There are too many families who require both parents to work and raise their children. The extremists on the far right cannot win. Too many people need two income producers in their family.


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