Fluffy the Dog’s Presidential write-in political platform.

Fluffy the Dog Write-in US Presidential candidate 2020. Unaffiliated political party.

My name is Fluffy the Dog. I am introducing myself as a write-in candidate for the US Presidential election in November, 2020. I do not have any political affiliation. Allow me to present myself and my platform.

  • I believe in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • I believe we are created equally regardless of race, gender, religion, or income.
  • I believe we as well as the entire world do still have discrimination regarding race, gender, religion, and income.
  • I believe most Americans are against discrimination in any form.
  • I believe in balancing the budget.
  • I believe in downsizing our top heavy government institutions causing most taxpayer money to go to administrative costs due to job duplication and back room political deals.
  • I believe in term limits.
  • I believe in State’s rights.
  • I believe in separation of church and state.
  • I believe in freedom of and from all religions.
  • I believe our country has been successful due to it being a melting pot of cultures rather than a dividing of cultures.
  • I believe in fact based education.
  • I believe some welfare programs are a moral obligation we all share.
  • I believe welfare programs need changed in such a way as to promote education and job training in order to elevate people out of them rather than trapping them inside the system.
  • I believe our country’s future is better when we feed, educate, and provide healthcare to our children and their parents who need to be able to work and raise them. Children do not develop and learn enabling them to become productive members of our society without their basic needs being met. Children are our future.
  • I believe not everyone is meant to be a doctor or scientist. Equal opportunity does not necessarily mean equal outcome. We all have individual talents and all are important. The person serving your food has as much but different value than the person taking your temperature at the doctor’s office. There is value in work and providing for yourself and your family. There is value in contributing to society in a meaningful way. It is irrelevant how you contribute as far as your job description.
  • I believe it is as important for poor and middle class families to be able to have families and children as it is for the wealthy.
  • I believe we will always have poor among us and we do have a moral obligation to help them.
  • I believe your family is more important than your job. Affordable safe daycare and educational systems must be obtainable for everyone. We are a wealthy country. Parents should not have to choose between working to contribute to society and leaving their children in unsafe environments.
  • I believe that the work and value of the American housewife and mother (or father in some cases) is greatly undervalued. I work and raise a puppy. Work is the easier job. Hands down. It’s not even open for a debate.
  • I believe women should be able to have careers and expect the same pay as men when doing the exact same job. Pay should be based on job performance and job difficulty and nothing else. The same applies to the LGBTQ community, race, etc. Work performance should be a stand alone factor when it comes to salary, promotion, and raises. Anything else is irrelevant. Again, I don’t believe we are all suited for every job. It should be talent and skill based. Nothing else.
  • I believe we should be able to terminate someone from their job based on job performance regardless of their sex, race, religion, or sexual preference. Performance is the only measure that matters.
  • I believe that both the far religious right and the far left are so far off the rails that neither side is one in which I can honestly support. I believe I want a mix of both in order to cancel each other out and provide damage control.
  • I believe trade agreements should consider our own citizens first.
  • I believe at times we have a moral duty to intervene in other country’s affairs where human rights are grossly violated. I do not believe oil is a reason to disrupt the middle east. I do not believe we should interfere in other country’s affairs unless it concerns our own well being. We should not throw another country’s population under a bus in order to make financial profit.
  • I believe off shore holding accounts should not be allowed to exist.
  • I believe if you are a US citizen, your money is taxable regardless of the country in which you choose to bank with.
  • I believe in a fair market which we do not currently have. Our government needs to cease bailing out it’s personal, family and business partner’s endeavors. Bailout money should not be used for upper management’s personal benefit while laying off it’s workers. It should not be used for bonuses etc. for CEOs.
  • I believe monopolies that work to the detriment of internet services, food supply and banking should be broken up.
  • I believe we need to hold parents accountable for child support.
  • I believe there is no moral difference between the birth control pill and the morning after pill. They both work in the same way within the same time period. The birth control pill does not always prevent conception. The birth control pill does not always work at all. It has some pretty horrific side affects for many women.
  • I believe men are as accountable for birth control and the raising of their children as women.
  • I believe late term abortions should not be happening, unless it’s to prevent loss of life. However, there are instances where a baby can be safely delivered early preventing permanent physical damage to both the mother and infant. Abortion laws should not be applied to live births but they are.
  • I believe that health decisions should be left between the doctor and the patient.
  • I believe we have an obligation to our society to better our laws in protecting women and children (as well as men in some instances) from sex trafficking, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. We need to offer options and real assistance to victims. We need to automatically sever a rapist’s paternity rights in every state. We need to ensure women are able to gain meaningful employment and safety in order to leave.
  • I believe we as a country need to stop blaming all women, all white men, all religious people, all LGBTQ or all any group for our current situation. The only all that exists is that we are all Americans.
  • I believe we are all accountable for our own actions.
  • I believe we need well trained police.
  • I believe we need programs to assist poor and high crime communities.
  • I believe in prison reform.
  • I believe in funding Medicare and social security as well as no longer allowing that money to be spent elsewhere.
  • I believe social security payments need greatly increased.
  • I believe we need to clear rioting from the streets so actual peaceful protestors can be heard.
  • I believe Covid-19 is being used for political purposes although it is a real virus and is deadly or has lasting health consequences for many. I believe we need a common sense approach rather than an approach based in panic and fear or denial.
  • I believe in returning power and wealth to the common people.
  • I believe our government is supposed to work for the people and not dictate to the people.
  • I believe we need to regulate internet porn.

Most importantly, I believe I am the best candidate even though I am a dog.

Vote Fluffy the Dog for President 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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