An in depth interview with Fluffy the Dog (your write in presidential candidate) about 2A

Fluffy the Dog feels very strongly that US citizens should own and be trained to use guns safely and wisely. She recognizes the exclusion of convicted felons of violent crimes, certain mental disorders, or certain medications. Fluffy the Dog also believes that non violent offenders should be allowed to purchase registered guns after they have served their sentence. Fluffy the Dog does not believe in gun restrictions. Her main concerns are that the ammunition and guns are taxed too highly and the purchase price is rising exponentially. She is deeply concerned about availability. She believes in constitutional carry. It is a right guaranteed by our constitution. She believes state lines are irrelevant.

When shown a selection of her favorite ammunition, she first questioned why there were a few gauges missing. After some thought, she decided that the Varmint rounds are definitely the most fun for her. She enjoys barking and bouncing wildly when they hit their target. It was a tough decision and took her some time, but that is her personal choice just for fun.

Our interview concluded with her response to politicians who are threatening barring certain types of guns, ammunition, magazine capacity, buy back programs, or voluntarily surrendering guns. She showed possible signs of a Texas bloodline. Her response was, “Come and take them!” I’m fairly certain that was a challenge. Fluffy the Dog is not to be trifled with on the subject of 2A.


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