Staying Positive in 2020

Staying positive in 2020 is extremely difficult. Regardless of where we are in the world, we are constantly bombarded with continual crises and a seeming goal of unrest and anarchy.

Give yourself permission to check out from the chaos around you and enjoy whatever it is that brings you inner peace for a little while. I am NOT saying to check out indefinitely and disregard the world around you. I am saying take a break. Go outside or look out the window if you’re stuck indoors and watch the sunrise, sunset, the moon and the stars. Watch the squirrel play in the tree. Play with your pets. Spend time with your kids playing games or just talking. Plan a vacation for an indefinite future date. Read a book. Listen to music. Take a hot bath. Shut off your phone and social media. Do something you enjoy whatever that may be. Ignore the world for a minute. It’ll still be there when you get back. Give yourself permission to tell everyone to go away or just ignore them for long enough to regain yourself.


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