Pitfalls of the Guy Deal. A buddy of mine…

We all know men who when they need something, their sentence starts with “A buddy of mine….” This buddy is usually a childhood or at the least a years long friend. This guy and all of his buddies are perpetually broke and filled with drama. They live off of an adrenaline rush of seeing who can make the most money or get the better deal by using their inner circle of friends. It always ends badly. Every single time. And yet five minutes later, they’re back at it. It’s endless actions and statements such as, “A buddy of mine can fix your car for you cheaper”, “A buddy of mine is helping do (insert any backroom deal here)”, or simply “A buddy of mine is going to pay me to help him…” Three years later, the car still isn’t fixed but it will be any day now. Someone is mad at someone because one still either owes the other buddy money or return/exchange of some type of property. Throughout all of the drama, the buddies get angry at each other but more often than not remain friends. No one gets anywhere as far as money, financial gain, or whatever problem it was resolved. No one ever moves out of their current financial situation. It’s a complete dead end and financial pitfall. Every friend is in the same financial situation and has been for years. If one friend does happen to get some money, the others quickly spend it all.

This is a social system and is not conducive to business, saving money, getting the best deal, or advancing economically. It maintains the status quo nothing more. If your circle is wealthy, ok. Usually, this circle isn’t wealthy but is broke. Tomorrow they will have money. After the next deal, they will have money. It’s a short term plan that lasts a lifetime for many men.

Do not place your career, livelihood, or supporting your family into this trap. Where ever you are today, is where you will be in ten, fifteen, even twenty years from now. If this is your social side deal that keeps you in contact with your friends and is separate from your real finances, carry on, but good luck. If you gain money, it won’t go to your family or your future. It will go right back into the circle of friends.


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