The movie Cuties is not about what the religious right is preaching.

I decided to sit down and watch the movie Cuties on Netflix without interruption. It’s a good movie. I think it went over the heads of the religious right. They don’t understand the movie. It does show the sexualization of girls. That was the point. It doesn’t show the sexualization of girls in a positive light. Not if you understood the storyline. I get why they don’t like some of the camera shots etc. I think it could have been done differently, but not with the same effect. The effect is integral to the message. The actual dance routines are the girls copying what they see on music videos and social media, much of which is performed by minors or women who are kids roles models and examples.

Here is my take on this movie. The main character has an absent father who is getting married to his second wife. She is expected to carry out the responsibilities of an adult and expect a life of servitude to her husband some day. Her mother feels tossed aside as well. They are all supposed to be celebrating his wedding to his second wife. Women and girls exist to sexually serve men, bear their children and be their servants. They are raised to believe it’s their sole purpose in life and it should bring them nothing but joy. Expect nothing more while men can literally do whatever they like. Christians, atheists, Muslims, etc., that story is the same for many women and girls throughout the world. The girl meets friends who are in a dance contest, learns to rebel a little a find herself. Throughout this she is dealing with her father choosing a second wife over his current wife and kids. She is dealing with the addition of another woman in her father’s bedroom. She has hit puberty and is dealing with becoming a woman and learning how to deal with life. She is the one who actually sexes up the dance routine. After an incident with some older girls, she posts a nude crotch shot of herself. Her friends tell her they do not want to be hookers and it’s about dancing and not winning and not sex. They admonish her behavior. The contest, of course, is at the same time as her father’s wedding to his additional second wife. During the middle of the contest, she realizes she is supposed to be at his wedding, runs off stage and goes home. Her Auntie berates her but her mother finally stands up for her and tells her that she does not have to go celebrate her father’s wedding. At the end, she is dressed as a young teenager, modern but not looking like a hooker, goes outside and ends up skipping rope with other people who were obviously at the wedding. She learned that she did not have to use sex to find her own path and her mother learned she needs to support her daughter as person not a piece of property to be owned by a man.

The objections are all about pedophilia and sexualizing children. To me, what this movie shows is dead on accurate. The marketing of this movie in the US is what is selling pedophilia. Why? That’s how you get American’s to watch the movie. That is the actual problem. This movie also points out that girls are not being taught about the hormonal changes in their body or sex. The highest teen pregnancy rates in the US are always in conservative states run by the religious right. Biology is a basic fact of life and should be taught. How to take care of and protect yourself should be taught. Both girls and boys have hormones as well as sexual urges when puberty hits. Ignoring biology in girls because of religion is absolutely ridiculous. Sexuality begins long before the age of 18. Biology. Deal with it. Girls get their periods as young as eight years old.

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