Divided America: Good cannot unite with evil.

Divided countries fall while united countries stand or erupt into civil war. The problem with uniting Americans is the belief that this is a fight of good versus evil. Good cannot compromise and unite with evil and remain good. It isn’t possible. People are preaching unity. We cannot have unity without compromising our basic core values, ethics and beliefs. Not in our current political and social climate. The best we can do in America is to unite good people from all walks of life to fight against the evil permeating our country. All Americans uniting as one? It isn’t going to happen without compromising good. Once you compromise your ethics and morals, there isn’t any division. Evil wins. Good loses. Americans need to understand that unity and compromise are off the table when you start discussing good versus evil.

Good people exist inside all of our political parties. Good people exist within all races, income levels, and ethnic backgrounds. Evil people exist within all groups as well.

There are basic core values and morals which promote a healthy, prosperous and long standing society. When your healthy core values erode, your society breaks down. The result begins as social unrest and ends with civil war or another country or power stepping in and taking over. The power can be gangs, dictators, or simply chaos for a period of time until a leader of some type prevails.

The so called silent majority in America has a lot to answer for in my opinion. Voting is a start but it cannot be all you do to spread your beliefs. Ignoring things like child and adult sex trafficking, domestic abuse, rape within or outside of a marriage, forced pornography, cheating on your spouse or relationship, drug abuse, gangs, allowing rapists and child abusers visitation and parental rights to name a few. The list is long. The silent majority tends to remain silent unless it affects them personally. The silent majority avoids confrontation. The silent majority wants to do their own thing and be left alone. The silent majority has not been acting like the Christians and religious people they claim to be. The silent majority was charged with going out and spreading God’s word/message and being examples. The silent majority was never supposed to be silent. The silent majority has failed this country on every level. We aren’t supposed to be silent. We were never supposed to be silent. The silence has been deafening to abused women and children for decades. The silence has been deafening to people who have experienced discrimination for decades. The silence has been deafening to our own homeless people here in the US. The silence has been deafening to people who have loved ones that have been murdered and their murderer walk free. The silence has been deafening to people who have lost rights guaranteed by our constitution. Silence is acceptance. Nothing more. The silent majority has stood for nothing except oh well, life is hard, sucks for you. The silent majority lacks empathy and compassion for their neighbors. The silent majority has been selfish and self centered. It’s time to stand up and do what you are supposed to do. It’s time to stand up and behave how you are supposed to behave. Stop being silent. Stop being selfish and start giving a crap about other people.

People vote for Democrats in large part because they believe in helping people. They believe everyone deserves food, medicine, and on occasion financial assistance. Republicans as a group don’t really care if someone has access to medical care, food, or shelter. Their mindset is that a cancer patient dying in a bed should get up off their lazy ass and work for their chemotherapy. That raped and pregnant 10 year old girl should feel blessed and thankful she has been given a baby in which she can in some cases share parental rights with her rapist for the next 18 years. She should just be so thankful she gets to be a mother as that is all any woman should want out of life. Republicans’ only responsibility towards anyone other than themselves is to make sure that 10 year old has that baby and that father retains his God given parental rights as a man. Beyond that, it’s not their problem nor do they care. Republicans love to sell the idea of adoption. The reality is that there are thousands of adoptable children in the US everyday. They are waiting sometimes for years or until they age out to be adopted. Babies conceived by rape cannot be put up for adoption unless the father’s rights are terminated. Many states do not grant or guarantee severance of a rapist’s parental rights. Rape has to be proven and is often impossible to prove. Minors don’t have legal rights over their own pregnancy or decisions about their own child after their baby is born in many instances. Republicans are either misinformed or lying about what they are selling on those topics. Republicans are amazing and not in a good way so very often. In short, people who have not had or who know people who haven’t had perfect sheltered lives, often vote for democrats. It makes sense. Republicans, as a party, lack love, compassion and empathy for others. Democrats are going so far to the left that they are more concerned about transgender rights to join girls sports teams and share locker rooms, selling pedophilia as an acceptable sexual orientation, and letting murderers and rapists free that they have put themselves into a position of endangering everyone including those that they claim to protect. At the end of the day, women and children, as usual, bear the bulk of the injury and long term responsibility. Neither party even pretends to make fathers pay child support. If you are a woman, it’s on you to protect, raise and provide for your child and yourself. Often whether you are single or married is irrelevant. There is a girl in Texas right now facing a long term prison sentence because she finally snapped and shot and killed her long term rapist and abuser. Had she left him, there is a 75 percent probability in the US that he would have murdered her. Nothing can devastate and destroy women and children’s lives as quickly and effectively as many of our country’s churches and organized religion. In the 1960s, organized religion still considered interracial marriages a sin. Organized religion overall has not been good to minorities or women. Organized religion often preaches the elevation of white men over everyone else. Organized religion often preaches and places the husband above the wife in the same manner as above the children in a paternal role. The Bible does not. Husband and wife are one. A husband is not in a paternal role over his wife. It’s been fantastic for white men for centuries. Religious people better prepare for their churches and religion to be attacked and an attempt made to eliminate them. Had organized religion not strayed from God’s word, they would not be under attack. They brought that on themselves. The Bible is clear that many churches and people within churches will fall from God during end times. Many will claim to be Christians who are not. Well, they have and they are.

I’ve posted previously on my opinions on the BLM, ANTIFA, riots, looting, discrimination, and police. I’m not rehashing that here.

Within all of this craziness of both political parties and extremists on both ends of the spectrum, are millions of good, solid American citizens. Some are religious and some are not. Yes, there are good atheists as well as good people practicing many different religions. They don’t discriminate. They help their neighbors. They are productive members of society. They obey the law. They support each other and our constitution. They don’t always agree on the best way to handle problems but they want good to come from whatever decision is made or law is passed. They are willing to sit down at the table and reach mutually agreeable solutions. They belong to all races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and income levels. These are the people who need to unite and return our country to peace. The extremists need to be reeled in on both ends of the spectrum. Peace is only going to come from loving our neighbors and enemies, from a place of compassion and empathy. Should we tolerate evil? No. Should we accept evil? No. Should we sacrifice our women and children for transgenders and pedophiles and sex traffickers? No. That is evil in it’s entirety. An adult can choose to be a transgender without sacrificing the safety of women and children or things such as girls sports. Should we allow our police to go unchecked? No. Should we allow gangs to run our neighborhoods? No. Should we continue to consider the crime of stealing a tv as a longer prison sentence than raping and abusing women and children? No. Our priorities in this country are so far off base that it’s ridiculous. And yet we say our laws are based on Christianity. Fixing our laws against crimes perpetrated on women and children would have a significant effect on low income neighborhoods and neighborhoods run by gangs. You want to end discrimination? Fix how you treat women and children. Go after child support and force men to step up. Stop using a child support payment once a year as contact with the child and a prevention of terminating parental rights. By those standards, your tag agent is your child. Start giving parents affordable daycare programs so they can work. Start looking at the benefit to society by enabling parents to work and have someone look after their child instead of having the child join a gang and sell drugs to provide income for the family. Start looking at the long term benefit to society by providing healthcare to people. Sick people can’t work and pay taxes or provide for their families. Kid’s nutrition affects brain development and long term health. Republicans need to step up and give a crap about other people and democrats need to be realistic about what problems actually are in low income neighborhoods run by gangs. Men need to be held accountable in the very least for financially providing support to their kids even if they aren’t capable of being fathers. If a parent is not capable of being a parent, then they need their rights terminated. Children have no legal rights. When it comes to custody, both parents have rights regardless of circumstances. Children need legal rights to be protected from abusive parents.

Everything begins and is a result of how children are raised, what they see and mimic, and what they learn. If we don’t take care of our children, we have no future. Fix our education system and provide good safe education within poor neighborhoods. Simply closing down planned parenthood will not raise or help the children who will be born. Some of them may not be born. They may be killed along with the mother by the father. They may just be beat out of the mother by the father or boyfriend or pimp. Oh right, that isn’t your problem. You did the moral thing and killed them both. Or you did the moral thing and provided a baby for a pedophile. Or you provided a baby to be killed at 6 months old after being tortured to death. Take off your rose colored glasses for a minute before you just close down some women’s only opportunity to even survive. Fund some programs that actually help abused women and children instead of judging them for trying to live. Stop being silent and act like the Christians you claim to be. Showing love, compassion and empathy for others instead of hate and judgement is how people are united.

Return jobs to the US. Get rid of shell companies and overseas tax shelters for the wealthy.


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