Employment in the US. How schools being closed are killing jobs.

There are companies seeking employees throughout the US in areas that are not on lockdown. There are companies seeking frontline essential workers throughout the US even if you are in a locked down area.

I recently went onto the employment websites online and what I found was enlightening. If you are living in or near a populated area, there are employers desperately seeking qualified applicants. From what I have had employers tell me, the schools being closed are what is killing the job market. If you have young kids in school and your school has been closed for months, there is at least one parent who was very likely working in the household who is now sitting at home.

If you don’t have kids and you’re online or out in public being obnoxious about what do parents normally do when school is out for the summer, let me explain adult life to you when you have children. School is normally out for maybe 10 weeks during the summer depending on where you live. During those 10 weeks, you have a variety of summer camps as well as activities to keep your kids active, healthy, and busy. They are mostly closed due to Covid-19. You have vacation bible school and relatives in other towns for kids to go visit. You have local recreation centers and daycare activities. Closed in many areas. You have grandma and grandpa who can watch the kids for limited time periods. You normally schedule vacation time for family vacations during the summer. You can trade off for a few days here and there with other parents to keep everyone going and kids supervised and busy. 10 weeks and 4-5 months are completely different. It’s not rocket science. If you don’t have kids, mind your own business because you have no idea what you’re talking about. Even older kids are easier to keep out of trouble for 10 weeks than 4-5 months. Go look in the mirror. How are you as an adult handling a few weeks of lockdowns versus months? Probably not very well and you’re supposed to be an adult.


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