What is the plan for snow this winter?

Winter and snow are two of my favorite things in life. Snow is white. It’s primarily in northern countries from which white people have descended. I’m wondering if it’s going to be declared racist. I think it could happen considering the ever growing list of racist claims in the US. Isn’t skiing mainly a white sport? ABC declared our national parks racist a couple of days ago. What about Eskimos? Are they racist as well? They come from northern countries containing snow, which is again, white. Obviously, the only way to eradicate snow is to advance global warming. What a conundrum.

I am also wondering if white wedding dresses and black clothes for funerals are racist. White for the wedding dress as a sign of light and purity and black for the funeral as a sign of darkness and mourning. Sounds pretty racist on the surface to me. Except it isn’t. WAY WAY back in the caveman days before electricity and houses, people feared the night and darkness. People cannot see in the dark. Predators who can see come out and hunt. Many of our traditions and colloquialisms have their roots dating all the way back to the caveman days. They are passed down for our survival and have nothing to do with racism. If we choose to see racism in everything, we can certainly make a point for racism where none exists.

As for snow, leave my snow alone or I’m going to have to fight you!


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