The reopening of public schools fiasco….

Why are we even bothering to open our schools this fall before the November elections? The first child who sneezes or coughs will closedown the school. I am on the fence about where and how to enroll my son.

Everyday we hear more and more incidents of false positive CoVid-19 tests. Yesterday I read a story about 39 false positives in one nursing home. I read numerous stories about people receiving phone calls and notifications of positive test results. People who never took a test. Did we have the outbreak numbers in meat packing plants that were reported? We certainly have a huge lawsuit filed against several companies for price fixing in meat packing plants all the way back to 2015. I am not sure I believe many US numbers being reported. The CDC still admits to 50-60 percent of tests reading false positive. I believe the virus is real and deadly to certain members of our population. That’s as far as my belief extends.

Everyone in America who is paying any attention understands we are going to have endless drama through election day in November. After election day, is a post of it’s own. Democrat Party leaders are pushing for mail in ballots. Our coronavirus tests are a joke at best. If you test positive, your entire family is quarantined for 14 days in most areas.

So you send your kid to school, he sneezes, teacher panics………

I am a single parent. I cannot take two weeks off of work because someone gets hysterical and our tests are coming back false positive. I am not sure I want my kid enrolled in public schools until after elections. I might opt for online homeschooling for one semester then enroll him in public school for the spring semester. The schools will close if one person tests positive. We all know that’s how this will go. Even for my son, it might be less disruptive and more beneficial for him to have a structured and consistent online learning education for one semester. I’ve got a couple of weeks to decide. It may come down to a coin toss. My son doesn’t care. He doesn’t believe schools will stay open either. He is only 10 years old and he can see how this is going to go. I would like to believe our rural schools will handle any situation that arises with calm and rational behavior. Unfortunately, I believe the state will not let them. A pandemic in a rural area is simply not the same as a pandemic in a densely populated area and should not be treated the same.


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