Dear President Trump, We need another bigger stimulus check in order to buy guns and ammo….

Gun and ammo buying in the US has reached astronomical proportions. In many areas, guns and ammo are hard to find. Prices have increased substantially.

2.1 million NICS background checks were completed for gun purchases in the month of June, 2020. Production of ammunition has been ramped up throughout the US and is barely keeping up. You can still find ammunition, but it maybe pricey and limited in quantity. If you are not a gun owner, then you may not be aware that the background check once passed, does not limit the quantity of guns a person can buy. The actual number of guns purchased in the US in June alone, is much higher than 2.1 million.

I am literally cracking up reading news stories from other countries, especially the UK, trying to understand the increase in purchases and the reason behind the purchases.

I’m sorry, but it’s just not that complicated or difficult to understand. Let me see if I can help.

We have our constitution and the 2A (2nd amendment) which guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms. Most states have some type of stand your ground law which enables you to defend yourself and your family if you think your life is in endanger. Most states have more encompassing laws which enable you to defend your home and property as well as yourself and your family. Some states are constitutional or open carry, some states require concealed carry licenses, while liberal strongholds have actively tried to eliminate guns from legal gun owners and end gun rights.

Guns have been in the US in private citizen’s hands from day one. Illegal guns have steadily increased over the years. By illegal, I mean people who have been barred from buying and owning guns have them in their possession. Gang Bangers aren’t going to turn in their gun just because they’ve been convicted of a felony. If you want to remove literally millions of guns from private ownership, you’re going to have to find all of them first and then you’re going to have to take them. Good luck.

What you see on mainstream media about gun ownership is garbage. The wealthy elite, politicians, and Hollywood crazies, all have private armed guards and fenced property. They could not care less if the average person is protected from violent crime. The average person in the US is watching a national movement to defund and eliminate police departments. I’m sorry but we all know a social worker isn’t going to protect you from a home invasion by an armed person. We also know that by the time the police arrive, you’re already dead if the home invader was armed. It’s the job of the police to work the crime scene and arrest the perpetrator. Most of us understand that true evil exists in this world. No amount of community programs will ever eliminate true evil from the world.

Increased poverty and social unrest caused by CoVid-19 lockdowns are definitely contributing. Poverty and crime have been proven to rise together. The longer the economic lockdowns continue and the economy is wrecked, the more dangerous the situation for everyone. People have to eat and feed their kids. People need a place to live. People need money. Desperation can cause otherwise nice people to do things completely out of character. Churches have been closed. Churches provide poor communities with food, jobs, clothes, counseling and spiritual health. They aren’t able to provide for their areas. People aren’t meant to be locked inside, inactive and unproductive. They get irritable and anxious and sometimes dangerous.

We have ANTIFA and the BLM as well as fringe groups from the right such as the KKK and Boogaloo who are engaging in anarchy throughout the US. Yes, there are people out demonstrating for ending racism and police use of excessive force. They are not a threat. They are trying to be a force for good but they are lost in the madness on the streets.

The divide between socialism/communism and the the republican party grows by the day. The attacks on religion and our country’s history grows by the day. Elections are not until November. No one on either side believes they will go smoothly or even counted accurately. If Trump loses, we will see the Marxists in the Democrat Party begin with socialism for a minute and then directly move into communism. If Trump wins, the far left is going to meltdown and probably burn down half the country. It’s a no win situation for the average working American who would seriously just like to go to work, raise their kids, and have a long and peaceful healthy life.

A cashless society as well as tracking people through contact tracing and microchips, phone apps, computers etc. are red flags for the religious right. Most Christians, Catholics, and Mennonites I know believe we are entering end times talked about in the Book of Revelations. They believe it but are unsure of how to proceed. According to the Bible, in end times we will have a one world government, cashless society with one form of buying goods, and the mark of the devil on people’s hand and head. There will be wars, famine, pestilence and natural disasters. Israel will have been returned to the Jewish people and will retake their original lands which I think include Iran and Iraq as well as a couple of other countries. There are things that still need to happen but the beginning may very well be now. If that’s true, it was written by God himself and cannot be stopped.

Why are people buying guns and ammo at a ridiculous rate? It’s the one thing that people can do to ensure their family and their own safety. It’s legal. We have personal control over own safety. No one but you can keep you and your family alive if you become the victim of a violent demonstrator, person out on the highway, burglar at your job, home invader, or just a random evil person. It’s the one thing we have control over. So yes, people are out buying guns for home and personal protection by the millions. How is this so complicated to understand?

Dear Trump, we need another good stimulus check soon for every individual citizen who is not being protected by their liberal mayors, governors, and state representatives.


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