Where did all the real men in the US go?

Am I the only one who remembers men who have the substance of character and confidence to ask out a woman if he is interested? Am I the only one who remembers men who are capable of stepping up and taking the lead?

Dating in the US has turned into men sending dick pics (please don’t), people having a list of hook ups on the phone and social media, women sending nude pics, and an endless game of manipulations to see who can get the most out of whom.

Here’s a reality check for you. Your relationship will follow whatever path you choose. You can have a million phone conversations, texts, emails and online interactions with a person, but you will never know how a relationship will go until you step up and ask her out. You can have endless conversations about past relationships and throw out hypothetical scenarios all you like. They don’t mean anything. Does the other person even know what you’re really asking or talking about? Try being direct for a change. Tell the other person what you want out of a relationship and what you expect. Understand and listen to the other person because they also have expectations. A relationship is about what you both want and need not just what someone can do for you. If you never ask her out, you get nothing.

Act like a real man. It will get you what you want. I am not sure why so many men have forgotten that basic fact.

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