The world wants to talk about skin color. OK. Genetics and lineage in America.

America has been a melting pot since it’s birth. Very few Americans who have been here for generations can trace their lineage back to only two or three countries. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Most Oklahoma Natives have Native American blood. When Elizabeth Warren, being from Oklahoma, claimed Native American blood without ever having a DNA test, it was a safe bet. She has less than most Oklahoma Natives.

Every race of people who have come to America have intermarried and had children with other races. What is the result? The elimination or reduction of genetically passed illnesses. From a genetic standpoint, the worst possible choice is to intermarry generation after generation within your own race and community. There is no such thing as racial supremacy regardless of your race. Genetically, you are doing the opposite of what you should be doing. If you believe in science and genetics, you cannot believe in any superior race. That’s simply not how genetics work. The purer the blood, the unhealthier you are. Even in the Bible, most directives from God can be directly linked to science, medicine and genetics according to the time period in the Bible. Science doesn’t disprove God, it reinforces God’s existence. God told his people many things in the Bible in ways in which they could understand according to their level of knowledge.

I grew up in an agricultural area where people raise livestock. Every rancher knows how genetics work. It takes several generations of any type of animal to produce and maintain a healthy herd. Dog breeders….you people need your butt’s kicked. We have developed more unhealthy breeds of dogs than I can list. How? Inbreeding in order to bring out physical traits American’s think are cute. It’s unhealthy and we shouldn’t continue the practice. Yes, dog breeders do breed for personality traits as well. If you buy and own an aggressive breed of dog, you need to be responsible and train your dog.

From a personal perspective, I was 40 years old when I was pregnant with my son. I was 41 when he was born. Because there are added risks to pregnancy both to the mom and the child the older the mother is, my doctor sent me to have genetic tests as well as the ultrasound shown on a big screen tv. After an extremely long and not so fun day at that office, the genetic doctor came in with all the blood workup etc. My white blood and my son’s black blood pretty well cancel out any possible genetic problem. At 40-41 years of age, we had a lower risk of most potential problems including Downs Syndrome than a 20 year old having a baby of only one race. When my son has children of his own, his children may reintroduce certain risk factors depending on who he has children with.

The worst thing that we as a human race can do is to promote any type of racial discrimination or superiority. From both a moral and scientific standpoint, the opposite view is the only accurate view.


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