Miss June Unleashed: My rant on religion, the BLM, ANTIFA, public schools, Covid-19 and well done steak.

I have not posted anything lately because there is so much negativity in the world that I felt like I should post more positive posts. Well, guess what? My well of positivity has run dry. I am fed up and decided to post my reality. If you are looking for a positive and uplifting post, this isn’t necessarily it.

The US as well as the entire world is an absolute shit fest. Let’s stop pretending otherwise. Here are my list of grievances:

Religion: Where are the churches? Mostly they are all over the media, politics, and the internet blaming every evil thing in the world on single moms. Historically, that is what religion has always done. I went back and looked in my Bible for where it talks about Eve having freedom of choice but not Adam. I went back and looked in my Bible for where it talks about Eve grabbing that apple, sitting on Adam, and forcing him to eat. Therefore, all evil in the world is because of Eve and Adam is blameless. Kind of strange, but contrary to what churches seem to be teaching, that’s not what happened. Adam chose to take the apple from Eve and take a bite. Men are accountable for their own choices.

If you are a single mom, according to MOST of the religious right the following is all your fault:

  • The breakdown of the modern family because you were so sinful you wanted an education, to own property, vote, be treated fairly with respect, and work.
  • The breakdown of the modern family because you chose to protect your children from abusive and violent men.
  • You are terrible if you stay with a man who abuses you and your kids.
  • You are terrible if you leave a man who abuses you and your kids.
  • You are terrible if a man chooses not to raise his own children.
  • You are terrible if you collect child support.
  • You are terrible if you let your children see their father.
  • You are terrible if you do not let your children see their father.

To all of you single moms out there who are busting your asses working one or more jobs, raising children yourself, paying your bills, and have a child or children like mine who are honor roll student’s and the worst thing they have ever been in trouble for is sleeping in class, YOU ARE doing what God wants you to do. Ignore the churches and religious right who tell you otherwise.

To all of you single moms, women and girls out there who believe there isn’t a God for you, there is. It isn’t God and the Bible that is your problem. It is organized religion. Read the Bible. Where two or more gather in my name, I am there. Keep searching for a church you connect with spiritually. Personally, I am yet to find one. But, over the past day, I have had several people with whom I haven’t spoken to in years contact me out of the blue. One of them reminded me on FB today that my personal relationship with God and Jesus have nothing to do with any labeled religion. Jesus fought the Pharisees his whole life because of unjust laws their religion placed on humans. Don’t let organized religion separate you from your faith in God and his word. God doesn’t give men a free pass, only churches engage in that nonsense. Churches don’t get to decide who goes to heaven and who does not. The Bible teaches the only way into heaven is through Jesus and we are each judged individually by God himself. If it isn’t in the Bible, I am sorry but it’s not God’s word. Add that to the list of reasons why I will never be a Catholic. The Bible is very clear that nothing is to be added or taken away from what is written.

The BLM: I dislike your organization more than words can say. You have singlehandedly increased and caused racism where none existed before. You have single handedly made it more difficult to raise my mixed race son. I do not like you. I have nothing good to say about you. The number of black people throughout history who have risen above adversity and atrocity in the US is too many to count. They are a race of people who have and can overcome anything. We had a president for 8 years who was black. We have educated wealthy black people throughout our country who are excellent role models for children as well as adults. How dare you demean your own race. They are better than this and deserve to have more shown on the media than people committing violence and crimes. How about you try lifting each other up for more greatness than dragging good people down? How about you tell children that they can do anything and not to give up? How about teaching them they can and are successful?

ANTIFA: Terrorist group. Should all be jailed for terrorism. As with the BLM it was started during the Obama administration but also blames Trump for everything. Apparently, both the BLM and ANTIFA knew even before Trump did that he would run for president and win. I mean they must have since they were formed before his presidency and everything is his fault. True soothsayers.

Public Schools: Our public schools have actively taught liberal ideology and Marxism for a couple of decades. This needs to stop immediately. I am with Trump on defunding some schools over this garbage.

CoVid-19: Somewhere between 50-75 percent of all deaths have been in nursing homes or assisted living centers in the US. Family and friends have been barred entry into these facilities since the outbreak began. Hospitals and doctors send positive patients back into these facilities sharing rooms with negative residents. The US is actively killing our elderly either by intention or stupidity. I don’t even know where to begin as to my level of anger on this subject. Meanwhile, the only thing the media is promoting is fear over increased cases and total number of deaths. Well, we are very much being mislead. The virus is not being managed correctly in the US. It’s absolutely disgraceful on every level.

Well Done Steak: Seek a good therapist, physician or chef. The only steak is rare or medium rare. What are you even thinking?


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