Patriots in America lit the sky on fire last night at our Independence Day celebrations

The media along with ANTIFA and the BLM has non stop pushed hatred of our country. We heard and saw news story after news story about how awful celebrating the Fourth of July and our country’s birth and independence from England is simply horrible. Well, if you don’t live in a liberal left, economically dying cesspit, you probably didn’t listen to that load of nonsense. You were probably out watching or setting off your own fireworks. Our Independence Day celebrations were larger and lasted longer than any I can remember in years.

My son and I live in an area where all of the surrounding towns had some if not all of the following: parades, barbecues, events with food and games at town parks, evening swims at local public pools, and massive fireworks displays. We went to an evening 9pm-midnight swim at our local public pool on Friday night. It was so ridiculously hot outside on Saturday afternoon we didn’t do much. We skipped the local parades and parks during the afternoon in favor of cooking at home and enjoying some air conditioning. The parades and parks were full of people who decided they didn’t care about the heat. Last night, I took my son to buy a ridiculous amount of fireworks from our local fireworks stand. The stand was run by a local church youth group and all proceeds are being used for their youth group to serve others. The stand was open a few days inside their church building. They posted pictures online when it first opened showing what they had and exactly where the money was going to go. When my son and I got there last night, they had sold through most of what initially looked to be an impossible amount of fireworks. They did still have some nice fireworks left. I bought my son the last $75 Hometown Hero package as well as a few miscellaneous additions he wanted. Our favorite was the 300 shot super Saturn missiles.

My plan was to shoot off our fireworks and then go to a free local fireworks show in a nearby town which always has a nice display. We started shooting off fireworks around 9pm in our yard for the smaller ones and in the street for the larger ones. By 9:30 our little town had so many people setting off fireworks in their yards and in the streets the air was full of smoke. By 10:30pm, my house was full of smoke from fireworks and there was ash falling out of the air. We went inside to cool off and get out of the worst of the smoke. Needless to say, we never made it to the official fireworks display. It wasn’t necessary. Our local town had fireworks being set off until almost midnight. People from surrounding towns said it was the same in those towns as well. People who didn’t have fireworks and didn’t go to a local display, sat outside in their yards and watched surrounding areas and neighbors light up the sky. People went all out this year. It was awesome. Fireworks could be seen for miles.

Interestingly, I didn’t see a single person wearing a mask. Don’t believe what you see on the media. America isn’t going down without a fight. Patriotism, love of our country, love of God and family, and the love of freedom is not dead. It’s not even wounded if you get out of the liberal run dying cesspools. You won’t see the media cover anything other than their own manufactured agenda. It’s unfortunate the world isn’t allowed to see the rest of America. It’s still pretty great.

Number of active covid-19 cases in my county or the next: zero. Weird isn’t it? We all went out and celebrated Memorial Weekend as well. A lot of us did not stay within our own communities. People have been vacationing all over the country and returning covid-19 free.


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