Americans should be quarantined from Europe, but not for the reason MSM is reporting.

I just read on mainstream media that Europe as well as other countries are discussing quarantining Americans due to our high and increasing CoVid-19 cases. I agree. Americans should be fenced in and kept in America under quarantine until at least November, 3rd, 2020. Election Day. I don’t even care about the coronavirus. We should be quarantined because we have collectively lost our minds, we are armed, and we are angry and aggressive. I wouldn’t let an American into my country right now for love or money. I am not joking.

There are parts of the US that cannot and will not be quarantined. We are sparsely populated and we have little or no cases. There are no active cases where I live. We have never really done what we were supposed to do. We also don’t have many people per square mile. We spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s not the same as city populations. South Dakota has never locked down and they don’t have high case numbers either. They’ve never had a real outbreak. Personally, I don’t believe lockdowns and masks are effective in the healthy population for controlling a pandemic. I also think you’re a fool if you’re in a big group of people in close quarters, especially indoors. Undoubtedly, our protests and riots have spread the virus. Apparently, if you make an American mad, they no longer care about the virus, they’re a little busy letting you know the current level of their anger. I said when this started that America was a powder keg waiting to blow. Well….

It’s an election year in an extremely politically divided country. 2016 was bad too, but not this level of bad. There is more at stake in this election than in previous elections. The long-term effects will be enormous depending on which party takes control of the House, Senate and the President’s seat. The virus will be contained long before the effects of the upcoming election. In comparison, the election is more important. It’s very possibly the future of our country. This election is likely between remaining a Republic or moving directly into Marxism and communism. I think we will probably quickly skip right on over socialism. There is a very real possibility of a civil war. Most of us are not interested in a civil war. I pray it doesn’t happen. Nonetheless, it is possible. If we were to take that dive into the abyss, the deaths caused by CoVid-19 wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket. CoVid-19 is not our first priority.

The rest of the world would be well advised to bar entry of any American into their country until after November 3rd at the earliest. American’s are not going to do an effective job of controlling this virus between now and then. There will be more protests, demonstrations, and probably riots. Look at what is happening right now and consider the amount of time left until November 3rd. People are travelling from city to city across the country in order to protest. At the very least, you should require a 14 day quarantine. Honestly, I would ban any nonessential travel.


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