Guns and Ammo Hoarding Replace Toilet Paper Hoarding in the US

The media in the US is censoring information. The sheer amount of guns and ammo sales in the US is a good indicator that the silent majority is not buying what they are selling. The censors are also unable to keep up with the increasing number of comments on news sites and personal media sites that the current problem in the US is the attempt to establish a one world government. CoVid-19 lockdowns, crashing the economy, the push to remove law enforcement, the push to divide the country politically and financially, and the attempt to start a race war between black and white people in the US are all part of one large attack. Those are only a few of the attack methods being used on US citizens. The icing on the cake is the UN coming out in support of ANTIFA. Most Republicans have no use for the UN and don’t think we should continue to be a member and fund 22 percent of their nonsense. People either see what is actually happening, or they are being led by their emotions and do not. The November elections are already decided as far as most people are concerned. Except they are not. We know who we are going to vote for. We don’t believe with mail in ballots the election will be accurate or results ever agreed upon. It’s going to be a complete disaster assuming we even have an election. The Democrats still haven’t officially declared their nominee. Probably because it doesn’t matter. We are experiencing complete anarchy. Throughout all of this, gun and ammo sales have never been shutdown. Gun stores are essential. They can’t be closed during lockdowns. God bless the USA.

That’s my briefest and most simplistic explanation of the exploding gun and ammo sales happening in the US over the past few months. It’s not that people don’t believe there are instances of racism, CoVid-19 isn’t real, or we do not need police reform. It’s mentally stepping outside of the individual movements and understanding there is a guiding force and a purpose as to what is happening. Sunday was Father’s Day. I spent Sunday afternoon talking to my dad who remembers WWII. He talked in great depth about the newspaper stories then and now are the same. The individual movements are the same. He can see what is happening as plain as day as can most people who remember WWII. Our young people in the US have not been taught history. ANTIFA is destroying our monuments and statues so that we do not remember our history. We have to end that movement immediately. History exists for us to learn from and to prevent us from repeating past mistakes.

Gun and ammo sales are astronomical. Ammunition manufacturers are having a difficult time keeping up with demand for 9mm, .223 REM, and 5.56 NATO rounds. You are still able to order them online and have them shipped directly to your house but in limited quantities and often with a wait for them to restock. Most large or chain store gun suppliers have limits as to quantities being purchased in store as well due to limited supply. Individually owned gun stores still have supplies in bulk but are not as plentifully supplied either. Gun supplies are low on choices and prices have risen on 9mm semi automatic handguns as well as .357 magnum, .38, .40 and .45 semiautomatic handguns. Rifles and shotguns are still fairly easy to find and purchase as well as ammunition.

I have been looking for a new semi automatic to carry in my pickup. I had to special order the gun I wanted last week and then reorder after it was cancelled and rose $100 in price. I am partial to the .45. I like the heavier weight and feel as well as the recoil being entirely different than that of a 9mm. I find them easier to aim and shoot accurately. I can fire off more rounds faster with a 9mm but I just do not like the feel as well and I am not as accurate. Everyone is different in what they prefer. Some of the .45s have too big of a recoil for me to want to shoot. It depends on the gun. I cannot find the 357 magnum/.38 semiautomatic I want in stock anywhere. I am putting myself on a waiting list for it. As I have been searching for a few additions, I have talked to a lot of people about alternative models, people’s preferences, where they are finding affordable ammunition etc. I have been surprised at the number of people who have been stockpiling guns and ammo as well as saving shells and learning to repack them. I know quite a few people who have been gun owners for years and enjoy competition shooting as well as hunting. I live in a rural area where rifles and shotguns are the norm. I live in an area with many military service families as well as police officers. My own family has a long history of both military and law enforcement members. My dad was in the National Guard when he was young. My great uncle was a navigator of a bomber plane in WWII. He flew his service missions over the great hump. He flew missions over Japan. His personal journal is on-line and published through a war memorial museum on the east coast. When I was in high school, we had local people come in and speak to our classes of their time spent in Germany in the military during WWII. One of my most vivid memories is of our guest speaker who spent time in a concentration camp. Our young people today have not heard these personal accounts and stories. They have not learned our history. I see why our history is being erased. Many of us do. Many citizens of the US know that we are under a planned attack. We aren’t interested in a civil war. We aren’t interested in anarchy or a government takedown. We are interested in preserving everyone’s freedom and in preserving our constitution and republic. But we know and see what is coming.

Guns and Ammo hoarding has definitely replaced toilet paper hoarding. The hoarding is happening by everyday people with normal jobs and families. These aren’t extremists. These aren’t militia members. These are school teachers, nurses, city employees, young and old people. Do not buy into the emotional game playing the censored US media is trying to sell you. Most of us despise racism of any kind. Most of us agree we need police reform. Most of us want everyone to be educated and have an opportunity to better themselves. Most of us would like to be left alone to live our lives and raise our kids. That doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

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