Being Thankful

One of my son’s friends spent the weekend at our house today. The boys, as usual, had a lot of fun. I took them to the swimming pool here in town this afternoon. I couldn’t help but be thankful that we live in our little community in our flyover state. We haven’t ever experienced lockdowns from CoVid-19 as much of the rest of the world has. My son has never experienced racism as much of the rest of the world has. We do not live in fear of our police departments or state troopers. They’re just our friends and neighbors. Our biggest problems are minor when compared to the rest of the world.

I wasn’t going to share this with the world but, our schools had outdoor graduations and private proms involving all the kids and their parents in one local school. Most of the graduates in this area had some type of graduation and/or prom with either friends and family or groups of people. Did anyone get sick? No.

My son and I went to the dentist over a month ago when it finally got to reopen. We of course showed up not wearing masks. I thought about it as we were walking in the door. It’s a 30 mile drive to the dentist’s office so it’s not like we were going home to get them. One of the staff members said sorry but I have to take your temperature before you can stay. We were both exactly 98.6. As my teeth were being cleaned, I was talking to the person cleaning them. She lives in another area which is larger and has been on a fairly strict lockdown. She comes to my dentist’s office a couple of days a week to do teeth cleanings. As she was cleaning my teeth, she asked me how we had been doing with the lockdowns, if I was able to work etcetera. I just looked at her and she started laughing. She said I don’t even know why I asked that because you guys around here never really locked down or did what you were supposed to do. No, we really did not. We did the absolute bare minimum.

We are thankful that our communities take care of each other for the most part. We don’t have homeless people on the streets. We don’t have gangs. We don’t have shootings and murders. I am thankful for the things we do not have as much as for what we do have.

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